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Study Abroad Journey: Phrases to Know When Traveling Anywhere

It can be a nightmare to travel to a foreign land for your higher studies. It gets even more difficult when a local language spoken in your study destination is different from what you know or understand. It must not, however, deter your confidence as it is very much possible to have an amazing study abroad experience even without knowing the local language of your study destination.

It is recommended that you learn the phrases given below before you embark yourself on your study abroad journey:

1. Greetings

While “Hello!” and “Goodbye!” may seem very simple, a greeting in the local language can set the tone for conversation and engage the person in front of you. It conveys the other person your openness towards other cultures and interest in learning new languages.

It will also give you a nice start to learn and practice language skills. You may even learn informal ways to greet people.

2. Manners

The phrases like “Please.”, “Thank you.”, “You’re welcome.”, “Excuse me.” “I’m sorry.” are universal. You need to learn these if you really wish to master the art of engaging locals in a conversation with you.

3. Numbers

There will be ample opportunities for you to make use of numbers in a local language of your study destination. In case you know how to say numbers in a local language, you’ll find it convenient to barter with vendors or even when using a taxi. To start with, learn numbers 1-10 and thereafter, accept the challenge of learning higher numbers.

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4. “Do you speak English?”

This phrase might seem to be trivial but it is one of the most common things you would be asking people in a foreign land in order to make communication simpler and easier for you. You’ll be surprised to find how people happily respond to this question. And, they would be even willing to guide you.

5. Your Introduction

If you know how to introduce yourself in a local language, it will be easier for you to meet more people and foster new relationships. Networking is crucial for any study abroad applicant and for it to happen smoothly, you must know the basics of introducing yourself in a local language.

Finally, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to lean the given phrases as they are very basic and form the foundation of every conversation. By learning these basic phrases, you will be showing your appreciation towards foreign culture and seeing that locals will be happy to help you in your fast immersion within their culture.

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