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Pick Prudently: Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Course

If you’re a student, you’re likely to believe that marks play a crucial role in your life. It is because the choice of a course and college depends, primarily, on these marks. At times, you may get admission into your desired college but not for the desired course while at others, you may have to settle for a not-so-popular college just because it offers you the desired course. It is, however, essential that you keep it in your mind that marks alone shouldn’t be the only deciding factors in your choice.
There are several important factors that need to be considered before choosing your course or subjects. They are as given below:

1. Aptitude

It implies not just basic liking, but also an inherent ability to handle a particular subject. The ability to score good grades does not necessarily reflect good aptitude. Often, it is a mere reflection of your basic intelligence, coupled with a motivation driven by competition. Aptitude has nothing to do with competition; it must flourish even without competition and will do so only if you enjoy what you’re doing. There are several tests that allow you to assess your aptitude.

2. Personal Interests

It is vital for you to consider aspects of your personality. This includes considering things you have always been interested in, activities you enjoy doing, topics and subjects you like reading about and your core values. This even includes thinking about your aim in life. Who is your role model? What are your core skills, competencies, and weaknesses? You should know your strengths and let them lead you on.

3. Temperament

Would you describe your temperament as scientific or as what is suited for Commerce or the Humanities? Scientific temperament is a way of looking at the world in a scientific manner, with a spirit of inquiry and creativity. An affinity of numbers, business, and finance, on the other hand, is central to commerce. To do justice to the Humanities, you need an analytic, imaginative and creative mind.
Some Final Words
In case you find yourself stuck with the wrong course, all is not lost. You can try to switch at the postgraduate level. Try to undertake internships while in college as they will help you to gain work experience, enhance your skills and even find the true calling of your heart.
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