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How Can Plagiarism Negatively Affect Your Personal Essay or SOP?

What is Plagiarism?

When you steal and copy anyone else’s ideas, words, or language and pass them off as yours; you plagiarize that person’s content. It is an infringement of copyright laws. Plagiarism is considered to be a serious ethical theft in academia.

*Career Coach Tip*

Even if you don’t copy some one’s ideas or thoughts intentionally, your career may still get affected drastically.

It is because plagiarism doesn’t only mean directly copying someone else’s content. It also means paraphrasing content and ideas to call them yours. You can use such content only by making proper citations.  That is, the sources must be cited corrected wherever necessary.

How Plagiarism Affects your Person Essay or SOP?

When seeking admissions to colleges or universities, your essays and statement of purpose (SOP) are considered to be vital elements of the admission process. The failure to perform well in them results in the denial of admission. Although, there are many factors that determine the quality of your written work, but plagiarism is the main component that must not be ignored.

In an attempt to outperform other applicants, the students, often, tend to copy ideas, thoughts, vocabulary and language from different online resources into their writing material. Unfortunately, many of them don’t even know that they have used plagiarized content.

If the admission offices find out that you have plagiarized your essay or SOP, it implicitly implies the rejection of your application. Then, there is no way to get into your study university. Notably, it is not difficult for any academic institution to find out the ratio of plagiarism due to the presence of many software in the market.

The plagiarism can, therefore, put an end to all your career aspirations and can ruin your education and professional life.

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Some Useful Resources

For Making Correct Citations

Learning how to cite correctly, can be a daunting task. There are various online resources that offer a great deal of help in making correct citations.

One such resource that is of immense use is It helps you in quickly adding citations to your text. It offers options for various referencing styles like Harvard, MLA, etc. Depending upon your referencing resource, you may generate a customized citation for the same.

When you open the link given above, you are directed to a page that looks like as given below in the snapshot:


All it requires you to do is to choose the referencing style and add your citation that is the link to your source. Following this, you need to click “Autocite” button and it’s done.

For Checking Unique Content and Plagiarism

As mentioned above, both, intentional as well as unintentional plagiarism can risk your career. Therefore, there is no choice than to avoid plagiarism completely. In order to learn the copyright rules or to check plagiarism in your work, you may use following available resources:

Small SEO Tools: This resource offers various free online SEO tools that can help you in checking the percentage of unique and plagiarized content in your text.

When you open the given link, you have to choose an option of “Plagiarism Checker” as given in the snapshot below. Following this, you need to copy-paste your content in the text window.


After this, you need to perform auto-check and press green “Check Plagiarism” button.

Plagiarism.Org: This online resource has done a collaboration with Write Check to offer plagiarism checking service to its users.

Last Words: Never take plagiarism lightly. It is a serious offense and can completely ruin your career.

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