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Postgraduate Study in USA: What to Expect and Things to Do

Postgraduate Study in the USA

Because the U.S. universities and institutions offer a wealth of opportunities for international students, a large number of Indian students desire to postgraduate from the U.S. universities. It is important, however, to know what to expect so as to make the best out of your study abroad journey. It is because when you’re aware of what lies ahead of you, it helps you acclimate to the new place and surroundings easily.

Give below are some interesting insights from “My Study Destination” team on what to expect in the U.S. as a postgraduate student and how to make the best out of it:

Usage of Basic Terms and Phrases

Even though the courses are taught in English in the U.S. colleges, picking up the dialect of your study destination might be little tough in the beginning. All it requires is some time and efforts to adjust to a new place. But it certainly helps you to learn some of the commonly used phrases in your study destination such as:

College: The term ‘college’ is often used for ‘university’.

Vacation: Remember in the U.S., you go on vacation and not on a holiday.

Ag e Hardly Matters in the U.S.

Unlike in India, age means a little at the U.S. universities. The fact that there is no age bar to fulfill your dreams is something that makes the USA my favorite study destination. It’s a common sight in the U.S. to see older students getting back to college to pursue their higher studies. There is nothing to feel awkward in case you’re a bit too old (as per Indian standards) and are looking at studying in the U.S. institutions. And in case you’re still too young, you must be prepared to meet a handful of older students.

The Age Old Mantra of Networking

Networking is crucial for your career goals in the U.S. colleges. Remember, your connections play a pivotal role in helping you land you at your dream job after you finish your course. You should, therefore, be not afraid of branching out and exploring all the possibilities that may exist and not just stick to people from your home country.

Don’t Stop Exploring the World Around You

The cities or even the rural areas in the U.S. irrespective of their size and location offer breathtaking and unique experience and visual delights that are, indeed, unforgettable. While you’re a student in the U.S., you must not lose any chance of exploring the unknown. It will be amazing to find yourself in love with every new thing you discover.

Stay Open to Learning

In a place like the U.S., there will be no dearth of opportunities to expand your skill set and knowledge. But it will happen only if you’re not rigid and show flexibility in your attitude towards learning. There will even be times when you might have to start your learning from a scratch. It must not deter your attention. Rather, learn to go with the flow and diversify your knowledge.


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