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Private Institution v/s Public University: Making Your Choice

Some choices never come easy in life.

We have already talked about the process of making a study abroad decision. Right after a decision of pursuing higher studies abroad is taken, there are some points that need immediate attention.

The crucial steps involved are:

  • Making a choice of your study destination country
  • Determining the subjects of study
  • Choosing between private and public university/ school

While my study destination has already covered a series of articles on different study destination choices, our career coach decided to throw some light on making a choice of your destination university.

Private Institution v/s Public University

Making a choice between a type of university has always been a topic of debate. There are various factors to be considered before deciding on a public or private university. Even more, the identification of goals and interests is important while you start considering other factors.

Factors that differentiate private and public academic institutions and may, therefore, influence our choices are as listed below:

Source of Funds and Tuition Fees

A major factor of a distinction between a private institution and public university is the means by which it is funded.

The public institutions/ universities are the ones funded by state governments. These universities were founded with an intention of providing masses with an access to higher education at easily affordable rates.

On the other hand, the private universities/ colleges don’t have state funds to support them and are entirely dependent on private commitments.

The tuition fee of colleges and universities is primarily dependent on their source of funding. As state councils look after funding public schools, the educational expenses are much less at any state school as compared to a private school.

Therefore, if you don’t have a lot of cash to spare or if you’re not self-funding your education; you may want to choose public universities over private ones. This decision, however, can’t be dictated and completely depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

Number of Students

There are a large number of students enrolled in one class in a public college/  university as against any private institution.

The students studying in a public institution in one course may even cross 200. This is not true, however, in a case of private universities.

There are a lot of emphasis on student-teacher interaction in a private university and therefore, the number is kept small so as to encourage maximum interaction. Another reason for limiting student enrollment is to maintain the teacher-student ratio in every class.

Cultural Diversity

Demographics and ratio of students belonging to diverse cultures also vary greatly among private and public institutions.

Public universities have far greater numbers of enrollments from in-state students as compared to private universities. State residency is no criteria determining the admissions of students at a private university. Therefore, the students seeking admissions at a private institution belong to different geographical areas leading to huge cultural diversity at a study destination.

Greater cultural diversity implies more exposure and better grooming of a child. Again, it all depends on your personal choices and preferences as to what you’re exactly looking at from your study experience.

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Quality of Education

Generally, private schools offer a far better quality of education in terms of research facilities and practical exposure. They lay much more emphasis on research-driven education and support the application of advanced technology.

The curriculum of private universities is vast and there are many options to choose majors depending upon your interest and area you want to specialize in.

*Career Coach’s Final Words*

Even though finance is a crucial factor determining your choice of a university type, you must carry a complete research on all the shortlisted universities and their offerings before taking a final call. Remember, this decision is irrevocable and shouldn’t be made in a haste or by simply following others. Because what works for others might just be a complete failure for you.

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