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The Professional Growth Opportunity You Tend to Overlook On a Daily Basis

Are you overlooking one of the most rewarding professional growth opportunity on a daily basis?

That is the building of your professional network by engaging people into conversations on an everyday basis.

Did you know relationships are the most valuable part of your professional network?

But most of you tend to overlook this professional growth opportunity by not making any efforts to meet and know people at your workplaces.

By focussing only on your work and not giving anything else time or thought, you tend to make huge mistakes professionally. It is important for you to find the time and ways to connect with your co-workers regardless of the number of people that are employed by your organization. Given that there is no one way of doing this, you must strive hard in leaving no chance of engaging others in a conversation with you.

Remember, the conversation doesn’t always have to be meaningful. What holds more significance is that the conversation is taking place and not the content of the conversation.  When these exchanges take place, they don’t only reward you personally but also professionally in a number of ways as given below:

1. Network Building

When you’re in a job, you’re expected to perform many tedious tasks besides just focussing on your main area of work. There are many tedious administrative tasks that you’re expected to look after. These tasks can consume a lot of time. But by knowing people in your network, it gets possible for you to resolve these work challenges quickly and amicably. In situations like these, the spur-of-the-moment elevator connections can help you in more ways than you may imagine.

The foundation you lay by interacting with people of all sorts motivates them to help you next time you approach them. This is same everywhere in both small as well as large companies. In order to cut through processes and make processes simple for you, you need to know who to reach out to.

2. You Tend to Stay Memorable

While you’re working, it gets extremely difficult to pay attention to anyone in particular. It is because there is so much going all the time. Between meetings, smartphones, and deadlines constantly vying your attention, there is no time left to notice anything else. However, by striking engaging conversations at unusual places like when you’re in an elevator or when you’re in the queue waiting for cappuccino, people tend to remember you for long.

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3. Foster Stronger Relationships

When you look around, you’ll agree that there is hardly any difference in the boundaries of personal and professional lives these days. Even if you find this a negative thing, you’ll agree that most effective professional relationships are built only when you break the boundary of being purely professional. Typically, when your conversations move into a space of vulnerability and you start learning about other people’s aspirations, their fears and struggles they’re facing- the moments of connection get created. These moments leave a lasting impression and help you in conquering situations of all kinds.

Finally, random conversations with unknown professionals might sound simple and of not much significance, but they are one of the most professionally and personally valuable things you can do on a daily basis.

Ready to give it a try? Aim at starting some engaging conversations on a daily basis and you’ll start finding the difference.

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