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Pros and Cons of Internships

Having realized the significance of internships in the lives of successful professionals, more and more students are now opting for internships. Even though the trend is being followed by the majority of people, there are many inhibitions when internships are compared to full-time jobs.

Scroll down to find the list of advantages and disadvantages of taking an internship.


Benefit your CV

By listing the internships on your CV, you demonstrate your work experience, industry exposure, and a set of skills you have acquired by virtue of your work. You don’t only gain work specific skills but also soft skills along with social skills crucial for surviving a job in today’s competitive world. When you highlight such skills, the chances of your CV getting shortlisted enhance manifold. Furthermore, you have experiences to share during your interview. And, this can help you ace interview successfully. Even more, you will realize your abilities and gain decision-making skills. Needless to day, these skills make your CV quite impressive for a potential employer.

Industry Experience

By doing an internship, you get to gain a lot of work experience and that too, in a very safe environment. After gaining work experience in the relevant field, you become much more eligible for the job and your chances of getting accepted by the employer enhance manifold. It is because companies are, often, reluctant in hiring candidates with zero work experience.

By experiencing the real workplace, you even gain interesting insights about the work environment and company culture. You get a fair and realistic idea of how it will be like to pursue in the given job field. It is, in fact, a roller coaster ride for some interns. You get to experience a bag full of mixed emotions.

Many interns report asking themselves questions like:

“Is it  really something I want to do for a lifetime?

Will there be sufficient growth in this line?

How can I be more successful in my area of interest?”

The internships, therefore, play a significant role in the decisions that are made by a majority of young students or professionals.

Even more, the internships help you identify the specific areas of interest in your field of work. You find yourself motivated to learn more and thus, acquire knowledge in that particular area.


How important is networking for your career goals?

Networking is, indeed, one of the major components of success in the lives of both a job-seeker and a professional.

If you nail the art of impressing the right people in the industry, you get very close to making it big in your career graph.

Internships, for that matter, offer amazing opportunities of knowing people in the industry and making life-long contacts. By showcasing your knowledge and skills in your subjects, it is possible for you to impress the employers. Those ways, they will always remember you and will be willing to offer you the role whenever there is a vacancy.

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Attractive Salary Packages

When you’re offered a job as a fresher, you’re paid meagerly. You are not even paid close to what you truly deserve because you possess no work experience. It can be very disheartening. If you don’t want this to happen, the internship is your solution. Not only will it make it easier for you to fetch your first job but also get paid a salary that you truly deserve. As a qualified intern, it will be much easier for you to get a salary that is at par with other professionals who possess relevant work experience.


Poor Stipends

The major disadvantage of pursuing an internship is that you hardly get paid any remuneration. There is no earning potential. Even if your company agrees to pay you a stipend, it is not going to be a competitive wage. Internships can largely affect your financial condition. The good news, however, is that the things are changing slowly and the big companies are now willing to offer competitive wages in order to attract talent.

Little Offerings

Even though we have already talked about poor stipends, there is a lot more to it. The culture in most of the companies is such that the employees have the liberty to treat trainees as their assistants. It is because they don’t have anything significant to offer you in terms of learning or practical experience.  It is a common practice to disregard trainees as assistants because they are not seen as prospective employees. All you are made to do is perform menial tasks. And that is something a serious intern would never want.

The solution is to do your research work thoroughly before applying for an internship in any company. Try talking to employees, your tutors or previous students that have interned from the company you’re considering for yourself. The wisdom is to gather sufficient data and information before making a final decision.

Wastage of Time for Employers

We have talked about how internships can help you ace your job interviews successfully and make it possible for you to land your dream job. Given that, there are still many employers who find internships a mere wastage of time. They don’t give any significance to interns. In fact, they would consider recruiting only those candidates that possess real world experience.  Therefore, internships don’t always guarantee you a job. You might still have to struggle a lot before you get your first paycheck.

Final Words:

Weighing both pros and cons of doing an internship, it is not at all a bad deal to pursue an internship. Just that, you need to make sure you intern at a workplace where there is a good scope for learning and skill enrichment.

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