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Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

With more and more millennials becoming interested in non-traditional career paths, job hopping has become quite common. No one seems to be much interested in climbing the hierarchical ladder within the same organization.  There are people who appreciate the change but then there are others who have serious concerns regarding the same.

If you’re thinking what is right for you and what should actually be done, it will help you to know what job hopping actually is and several pros and cons associated with it.

Job Hopping

As you must have understood by now, job hopping refers to changing jobs frequently. There could be several objectives behind this practice such as fast career progression or quick financial gains.

Pros of Job Hopping

  • Job hopping helps you build powerful professional connections. Your professional network plays an important role in the fulfilment of your career aspirations and goals.
  • By working with different employers and teams, you get to learn new things that help you in expanding your skill set and diversifying your job roles.
  • You learn to make the best out of available opportunities.
  • By working in diverse work environments, you get to gain a valuable experience that makes you stand out from the rest of your employees.
  • By switching jobs and roles, you get closer to finding your true passion in life. You, therefore,  start finding yourself near to your dream career.

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Cons of Job Hopping

Job Hopping is not always good. It can, in fact, ruin your reputation in the eyes of your employers and they might start finding you a burden. You need to be careful while changing your jobs frequently as there are several drawbacks associated with job hopping. It might just not work for you as:

  • It might restrict your growth. You’re not likely to be offered any promotions as the employers don’t get to see the impact of work done by you in long-term.
  • The employers might not consider you for an important role or an interesting opportunity that may arise at your workplace. This is because you tend to give them an impression that you’re not a serious employee.
  • Your employer might feel you’re after money and start thinking about getting rid of you.

Therefore, it is going to have a huge negative impact on your career growth.

Is Job Hopping Good for You?

Job hoppers are, often, described as the passionate, inquisitive, relentless and daring set of employees. All these qualities are highly sought after by employers but that doesn’t mean these qualities alone will suffice. You need to carefully plan your career and strategize your career moves so that you do things in a right manner. If you’re considering job hopping, you must make note of the points given below:

  • There is always a right time to leave the job. You need to be ready with the backup plan. And if you want to be a successful job hopper, you would have to be on the lookout for career opportunities all the time. The most crucial thing is that you must avoid any career gaps.
  • Try to grab as many projects as possible so that you get a maximum chance to demonstrate your competence and skills.
  • An online portfolio will be of great help every time you’ll be considering a new role for yourself.
  • Carefully analyse all the available opportunities so as not to make a wrong choice and regret it later.

Finally, there is nothing good or bad about job-hopping. It’s all about how you do it and what your career aspirations are.

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