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The Pros and Cons of Studying In London

The UK is considered to be a top study destination among Indian students. Students in large number look forward to studying in the UK. The only problem arises when it comes to taking a final call on the university/ city that has to be chosen.

When you think of UK as a study destination, the first choice that comes to your mind is London indeed. Being the major city in the UK, London houses some very popular and renowned colleges/ universities. Besides, London offers fabulous life to all the students. Having said there, there are some serious cons of studying in London as well. It, therefore, requires a lot of analysis and thinking to decide if London is an ideal study destination for you or not.

Amazing London

With over 45 colleges and universities present there, London happens to be an iconic study destination indeed. There are a wide variety of courses offered by the institutions so as to meet the interests and potential of every student aspiring to study in a reputed institution.  With an extremely developed transportation system, the students don’t have to face any problem in commuting from one place to another. Furthermore, London is well-connected to all other cities in the UK or for that matter the entire world. London boasts of amazing art galleries, museums and libraries. The students from different parts of the world travel to this place to be a part of vibrant student culture that is nowhere else to be seen in the UK.

Are you thinking why would you ever not want to be a part of the place around which the whole world revolves? In that case, you might want to read the information given below:

The flip side of London

While everything about London seems to be fantastic, the costs of living that are associated with living in London might not suit your pocket as it can be really expensive to study in London. Furthermore, it can be really hectic to travel from one place to another even if the transportation system is well developed. By studying in London, you get access to millions of things that can keep you entertained but can also distract you from your studies. Rather than doing any good, they might do a lot of harm to your career goals and aspirations. Even more, you might not get to stay as much close to nature as you would be staying in a less commercialized city. The choice of a study destination should, therefore, depend on your personal preferences and your lifestyle.

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Pros of Studying in London

  • Most popular study destination
  • Rewarding career opportunities
  • Over 45 universities to choose from
  • Well connected to rest of the world
  • Rich in art and culture

Cons of Studying in London

  • Hectic student life
  • High cost of living and accommodation
  • Commutation every day to your university can be a huge task
  • Sporting facilities might be missing
  • Too many options for your entertainment that can be distracting indeed

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