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PTE v/s IELTS: Why is PTE Academic Gaining Edge Over IELTS?

A few years back any student planning to study abroad would only talk of IELTS or TOEFL as English language proficiency test.

While TOEFL was majorly required for the US universities, IELTS was widely recognized by the universities all over the world in countries like UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

However, PTE Academic seems to have taken over the conventional tests especially IELTS and has gained enormous popularity amongst students aspiring to study abroad.

The more aware a study abroad aspirant is, the more he is inclined towards appearing for PTE academic.

What could be the possible reasons for its huge acceptance from the universities all around the world? Why has it gained so much popularity?

Different reasons that explain the popularity and wide acceptance of PTE academic are listed below:

Shorter Texts

The aspirants are always reluctant to concentrate on longer texts. The pattern of traditional exams like TOEFL, IELTS is such that it evaluates study abroad applicants for long texts.

This is, however, not true in a case of PTE Academic as it has only short or medium texts for aspirants to focus on.


The PTE Academic is designed in such a manner that it caters to the needs of modern applicants. Even more, it is conducted in an online environment. There is no conventional paper and pencil format deployed by IELTS. The exam is both administered and assessed by the computer. Therefore, there is no biased marking or any external influence in the calculation of a score. The students are certainly more comfortable with this system of examination and are, therefore, attracted towards PTE. No wonder, they are losing interest in IELTS.

Test Format

PTE Academic language proficiency test has a student-friendly format in which there is no need for any interaction with strangers. Even for the writing sections, the applicants are made to write on the systems and the use of pencil is highly discouraged.

This format saves a lot of time and there are no hassles involved at all. Thus, the process of writing an exam is simplified.

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Faster Results

There is an instantaneous assessment of score in PTE Academic. You may expect your results within 2 days itself. This is not true in a case of IELTS as it doesn’t take any less than 2 weeks to deliver the results. Thus, PTE academic is your obvious choice in case you’re short of time and want the score in minimum possible time.

System of Assessment

There is a better integration of scores in PTE Academic test. The traditional exams like IELTS and TOEFL only add the scores that are attained in the individual language modules. Even more, PTE Academic Test scores the test taker for both communicative skills as well as enabling skills.

Communicative skills refer to speaking, writing, reading and listening skills while the enabling skills refer to applicant’s grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation.

In IELTS and TOEFL exams, the applicants are scored only for their communicative skills.

Therefore, PTE academic is not only better integrated but also a more comprehensive test for checking the language proficiency of applicants.

Final Words: PTE Academic is, therefore, a better and trending choice for all study abroad aspirants.

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Hlo sir/madam i gave pte exam day before yesterday i want rechecking of reading..plz reply whats the procedure and how much fee is..,

After attempting for IELTS several times, I finally scored 76 in PTE Academic exam. I too suggest individuals looking to move abroad to give PTE if they are unable to get the desired score in IELTS.

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