Career Expert Talks My Study Destination

4 Important Questions to Ask When Looking for the Right University

Making a choice of your study destination is one of the most crucial decisions you make in your life. Because there are a vast number of university choices available, it gets even more difficult to choose the one that suits you the best.

In order to make it easier for you to choose your study destination, our ‘Career Coach’ at ‘My Study Destination’ has compiled a list of questions to which you must seek answers when you’re looking at university options for yourself.

1. What should be the choice of my study destination?

The choice of your study destination and its location play a vital role in determining how well you will be doing in your career eventually. There are certain factors to be considered when choosing the location of your university like its weather, affordability, distance from home, and what other things it has to offer.

In order to find relevant information and details about the place, you may consider reading online or talking to your counselor.

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2. Is the shortlisted university easily affordable by me?

In order to make the most out of your study abroad journey and enjoy what your university and new place has to offer, it is important to determine if you’ll easily be able to bear the expenses. While you can apply for student loans or scholarship in order to support your tuition fee, the cost of living will have to be taken care of by you. You must, therefore, be prepared to manage all your expenses that you’ll have to pay for your study abroad experience.

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3. How much rewarding it will be for my career to study in the chosen place?

Your choice of the study destination has to be made considering the benefits it will give you in the long-run. If it will help you achieve the desired growth rate in your career graph? Furthermore, will you be given access to a sufficient number of career resources while studying in your study destination? What are the chances of getting your dream job or getting placed in the company of your choice as a result of the completion of course/ degree in the shortlisted University?

4. How is the student life expected to be in my study destination?

What you study inside the classrooms doesn’t only contribute to your study abroad experience. The exposure you get by studying with students who belong to different parts of the world and the experience of staying in new place is going to contribute majorly to your overall experience. The culture, the things that are offered and the student life culture in every study destination are going to be altogether different. The choice, therefore, has to be made by you considering your personality and interests.

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