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Rapidly Growing Jobs and the Skills Needed for them

If you’re a professional working in the industry, you would agree that every job market, irrespective of industry type, is bound to change with time. The main reasons behind the changes that take places in a job market are developments made in the field of technology along with the changing needs of people.

Because of the changing job market, there are certain rapidly growing jobs that bring a complete transformation to the entire workplace scenario. These changes can be tracked using LinkedIn as it contains extensive data on positions that are held by workers worldwide.

When data of more than 143 million workers in the U.S. was analyzed using LinkedIn, it revealed different positions that have seen a major increase in the number of people holding them for last five years.

1. Machine-learning Engineers

The analysis of given data revealed that the number of professionals holding the position of a machine-learning engineer blew up 980% in that timeframe.

Machine learning engineers earn an annual base salary of $128,549, according to Glassdoor.

The most common skills possessed by machine-learning engineers include:

  1. Machine-learning
  2. Research
  3. Algorithms
  4. Software
  5. Deep learning

By using LinkedIn, it was analyzed that the positions held by machine-learning engineers before making a shift to this one included those of software engineer, system engineer, research assistants, teaching assistants, and data scientists.

Thus, if you possess the skills listed above and if this happens to be an area of your interest, you may consider becoming a machine learning engineer so as to make rapid advancements in your career.

2. Data Scientists

According to Glassdoor, the annual salary of data scientists is almost similar to machine-learning engineers. The number of people who claimed this role in last five years has significantly grown by 650%.

The most common skills possessed by data scientists include:

  1. Data science
  2. Machine learning
  3. Analytics
  4. Data mining
  5. Python (Programming language)

The positions held by current data scientists in last five years were teaching assistant, research assistant, software engineer, data analyst and business analyst.

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3. Sales Dev Reps

Sales development representatives are at number three when we talk of positions that have grown on LinkedIn in last five years with a reported growth of 570%.

They earn a basic annual pay of $51,724 on an average, according to Glassdoor. This pay doesn’t take into account any bonus or commission money that is generally earned by sales dev reps.

The common skills possessed by people of this job profile include:

  1. Marketing skills
  2. Sales management
  3. Business development
  4. Account planning
  5. Startups

As deduced from the LinkedIn analysis, the jobs held by sales dev reps before they took up this role were sales associate, server, administrative assistant, account manager and customer service representative.

Finally, it makes senses to build your career in a field where there are rapidly growing jobs so that it gets easier for you to reach an acme in your profession given that you possess a genuine interest in that field of study.

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