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Reasons for Russia Becoming a Top Study Destination

More and more international students are now considering Russia as their study destination and enrolling themselves at Russian Universities for their future studies. Russia has indeed become a popular study destination.

Reasons for Russia Becoming a Top Study Destination

The reasons that contribute to Russia’s becoming one of the top choices for international students are as listed below:

1. Cheaper Tuition Fees

The tuition fees in Russian universities are quite reasonable as compared to the UK, European and U.S. colleges/ universities. There are courses offered by Russian universities that cost from US$1,000 to US$6,000 per year and are, thus, easily affordable by international students.

2. Affordable Living Expenses

When compared to other popular study destinations, you can get around in Russia with much lesser living costs. For a comfortable living, the estimated living costs are the US $500 on an average. This covers all your monthly expenses including a dorm room, transportation, laundry and even personal expenses.

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3. High Quality of Tuition

Russian universities are clambering up the rankings and occupying top slots in the world rankings of top universities. The best part about Russian universities is that they offer high-quality education at competitive prices. Even more, the universities are now offering a wide variety of courses that are taught in the English language. So, the language doesn’t remain a barrier anymore for students who don’t know the local language. St. Petersburg-based polytechnic SPbPU is one of the many Russian institutions that are emerging as global leaders in the field of education.

4. Winning Over the Other Candidates in Job Market

The cultural and language experience students get by studying in international universities help them gain the edge over other candidates in the graduate job market. You get to learn many new things that are of great significance in the job market and employers are always looking at recruiting candidates with diverse experience in terms of both education and culture. As a student, you can easily get this kind of experience by enrolling yourself in a Russian university. It is because the students from all over the world flock Russian universities, thereby, adding to the diversity and cultural vastness of the place. Also, by staying with locals you get to master the Russian language that has its own benefits in the job market.

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5. Get to Stay in Beautiful Places

By choosing to study in Russia, you get to stay close to stunning locations and some really popular tourist destinations. As a student, it is common to travel on weekends and plan trips to these places so as to explore new places. When you travel with locals or with friends from different locations of the world, you develop a strong bonding with them. Also, you tend to become more adaptable.