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Reasons for Studying IT in Ireland

The highly qualified workers in the field of IT possessing excellent training skills are very well sought after by employers all over the world. Even though there are abundant universities in Europe offering diplomas and degree programs in the IT sector that guarantee mark of high-quality education obtained by the students, the choice of suitable educational institution for students who are interested in making their career in IT sector has to be done carefully based on several factors.

According to the ratings provided by QS Company, the European leaders for studying IT and carrying out research work are indeed the UK universities and German academic institutions. These institutions, however, focus largely on academic and scientific aspects of education. Thus,  you need to look for alternatives in case you’re looking at equipping yourself with the practical knowledge. It might even help you to consider pursuing a specialization as certain colleges/ universities offer programs that involve studying IT in conjunction with different subjects such as Business, Medicine, Management, etc.

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Reasons for Studying IT in Ireland

The institutions in Ireland are well-equipped to cater to the interests of students who wish to gain practical knowledge in the field of IT and make a huge leap in their professional lives. Besides gaining access to high-quality and result-oriented education, there are several other reasons that motivate students to choose Ireland as their study destination for pursuing a course in the field of IT:

  • There is a huge demand for IT specialists in this country and the employment procedures have been simplified by the changes that have been introduced in migration legislation.
  • There is a special program in place that allows students to remain in Ireland for a year after they complete their graduation in order to look out for a job that interests them.
  • The level of education and equipment that is offered by the institutions in Ireland is just as good as the universities in the UK or other European universities. The tuition fee, however, is much lower and can easily be afforded by international students.
  • The instruction in the field of the IT is extremely modern and lay strong emphasis on research.
  • The research labs of all the major corporations in microelectronics and software sectors of North America and Japan have built their representative offices at the Irish universities and colleges. The students, therefore, get more exposure and career progression opportunities by studying in Irish universities.
  • The regional offices of several world-famous giants like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, Google and much more are located in Ireland owing to its tax policy. By studying in Ireland, the students, therefore, get exposed to a vast number of career opportunities and their chances of getting employed in one of the top companies in the world enhance manifold.

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