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Reasons for Choosing Melbourne to Study in Australia

Australia is a popular study destination for Indian students for different reasons.

There are a number of enticing factors that attracts international students to this country. However, making a choice of study place in Australia is a daunting task.

The students, often, find it difficult to make this choice as there are a number of options for study places like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and more.

The Career Coach at My Study Destination insists on choosing Melbourne for your study abroad journey.


Because Melbourne is simply the best place to be as a student.

This place also embraces the diverse culture and creativity like no other place.

Study in Australia: Why Choose Melbourne?

Academic Hub

Melbourne boasts of several top-ranked Australian universities in the world. Also, the universities in Melbourne offer a variety of courses to match the variegated interests of students.

As a student in Melbourne, you are exposed to a rare opportunity of getting taught by best professors of the country.

Cultural Epicenter

Melbourne is your place to be if you’re keen on exploring the diverse and unique culture of the destination country.

If you aspire to be an artist, performer, designer or want to get into any of the creative fields, there is no place better than Melbourne when we talk of Australia as a study destination.

The city is full of talent in different forms and the city’s academic institutions offer a number of creative courses so as to fulfill your academic goals.

Relatively Cheaper as Compared to Sydney

Even though you’re likely not to find Melbourne cheap, it might bring you some relief to know that it is at least cheaper than Sydney.

Even more, you’ll get to experience high standards of living for the money you’ll be spending.

Notably, there are student-friendly budgeted areas to find accommodation.

Networking Opportunities for Your Career Goals

By living in Melbourne, you get abundant opportunities to interact and network with students as well as professionals from the industry that travel from different parts of the world to this city.

Such opportunities play an important role in ensuring you a bright career or even helping you network on a global scale. If you’re looking for permanent residency (PR) in Australia, there is no better place than to be in this city.

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Food Capital

Melbourne is a city where you can easily find things that fit into every budget and are savored by every individual. That is, you find something for every taste. It is because the city boasts of diverse and multiethnic cuisine.

The country’s gastro capital offers delicacies from around the world. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about food when you choose Melbourne as your study destination.

Cultural Diversity

The most beautiful thing about staying in this place is that it is one of the most culturally diverse places in the whole wide world.

This city is a house to the large population of international students and professionals. The place, therefore, marks a lot of cultural diversity and makes it easier for an outside to adapt quickly to surroundings.

Sports City

The city offers numerous sports activities to motivate you to get outside and give yourself an adrenaline rush. It is believed that the city does wonder in converting any individual to a sportsperson. The reason is a plethora of sports activities that are offered by this place.

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