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Reasons for Studying in Italy

There is something very fascinating about Italy that helps it attract a lot of international students. The high school and college programs in this country are so alluring that many students consider it to be an ideal study destination.

I have compiled a list of variegated reasons that makes Italy a great destination choice for higher studies.


This country doesn’t only offers a rare chance of studying in some of the oldest universities in the world, but also provides high-quality education to its students. It has, therefore, earned a reputation of the excellent study destination.

With several top universities, it offers a global platform and large international environment to the students studying there.

Italy offers top rated programs of a wide variety that cater to the interests and academic needs of all students. This place ensures facilities of all kinds so as to assist students in acquiring skills that will help them attain desired professional success.

Italy has a rich history and boasts of the finest architecture in the world. It, therefore, offers avenues of limitless learning to the students who are interested in studying art, architecture or history. The buildings and works of famous designers never fail to inspire students and they become great learners.

Multicultural Ambiance

This place offers a multicultural ambiance. Even more, this place is a delight for students and offers them the experience of a lifetime. Also, it is considered to be one of the most student friendly places in Europe.

When you stay in Italy, you learn to speak the local language. Thus, you make advancements in language learning and enhance your analytical skills. This will, in turn, open avenues for your bright career.

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Affordable Study Destination

European countries can be really expensive to pursue your studies. However, Italy is quite affordable in terms of both tuition fees as well as the cost of living.

The average tuition fee incurred in pursuing a degree in Italy varies from 850 EUR to 1000 EUR per year, while the living expenses come in the range of 700 EUR to 1200 EUR per month.


Italy is supposed to have the best weather in Europe. There is a plenty of sunshine and skies are beautiful and blue. Because of the amazing weather this place offers, the students always feel motivated to study hard and learn different things.

Gastronomic Culture

Italy’s gastronomic culture and rich food are bound to tickle your taste buds. By staying Italy, you get to indulge in the amazing food and coffee this place has to offer you.

Warm and Hospitable Culture

The locals in Italy are warm and outgoing. Italians love to socialize. Also, they welcome international students with open arms. Therefore, there are no adjustment issues for students. It is easy to make friends and get used to living in a place that is quite far from your hometown.

Public Transportation

An ultra sophisticated and developed system of public transportation system makes it easier for students to commute from one place to another at cheap rates. Also, every major city in the country is well connected to the rest of the Europe.