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5 Reasons Why Experiencing Culture Shock is Not Bad For You

“Most of our beautiful moments in life take place when we step outside of our comfort zone.”

Even though we agree to this, we have this natural tendency of slipping into our routine life far too easily. We tend to resist change and find ourselves happy in our comfort zone. The best, however, happens when we step outside of this zone.

Talking about students, their maximum development takes place when they are made to stay away from home in a far-off land and face unfamiliarity and experience culture shock.

Many students deter from experiencing culture shock and thus, tend to give up their dream of studying abroad. What you must, however, know is that it is very much normal to experience a degree of homesickness and distress when you start off your journey. It must not, therefore, stop you from living your dreams.

When you leave your home country to study abroad, you get exposed to a completely different culture, people, language, food and smells. It can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. There is nothing to be afraid of about experiencing a culture shock. In fact, this experience is very important as there are a number of benefits associated with it. It helps you to understand yourself better, makes you adaptable, and gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture which you may eventually start liking better than yours.

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Given below are different reasons for which we emphasize experiencing culture shock:

  1. It might not be possible for you in the beginning but once you become comfortable in a new place, there are marvelous opportunities for networking with students from different locations of the world. You get to foster long-lasting friendships with others and learn about different parts of the world. By staying with people who have their own share of perspectives and life experiences and belong to different backgrounds, you tend to become an open-minded individual who finds it easier to adapt to any place.
  2. A tremendous personal growth takes place when you face vulnerability and have to learn to survive loneliness. Your experiences in a foreign land with unfamiliar faces teaches you to trust your gut and help you discover your inner-self. It shapes your personality by helping you learn maximum about your abilities and weaknesses.
  3. If you are an ambitious individual, you would agree that the knowledge of the second language has become a necessity in today’s professional world. When you immerse yourself into a new culture and come in contact with a new language, you’re left with no option than to adapt yourself and learn the new language quickly. By doing so, you will be developing a different line of thought as well.
  4. Experiencing something completely new is a liberating experience in itself. You get to see new things, experience unique stuff and explore new culture by trying new foods, learning about its music, history and traditions. This journey of yours adds valuable experiences to your life that you will remember throughout your time on this planet Earth.
  5. Study abroad journey reinforces the idea that all human beings are similar and interconnected despite all the differences. There might be variations in their culture but their aspirations remain same. All of them seek love, money, security and happiness.

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