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Your Role As Parents for Students Appearing for Board Exams

With board exams just around the corner, students are burning the midnight oil to make it through dream institutions/ accomplish their career goals. No one wants to be left behind. Undoubtedly, hard work and practice are quite important for achieving desired success. In fact, there is no substitute for the number of hours that are put in working towards the goal. There are, however, many more things that are equally important and determine the overall performance of students in Board exams.

One such factor that plays an extremely important role in granting students success is the support of their parents. The research has proven that academic involvement of parents in their children’s activities and the emotional motivation they provide help in improving the academic performance of children.

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Your Role As Parents

As parents, there are different ways in which you can help your children sail through this tough time:

  • Involve yourself academically and help your children through different projects and assignments.
  • Encourage emotional motivation in your children in a healthy manner so as to boost their academic as well as personal development.
  • Stop comparing your children to other students in whatever manner that might be. Remember, every child is unique and has his/ her own strengths and weaknesses. Your comparison will only push them into a zone of negativity that can drastically influence their performance.
  • Never impose your expectations on children. For that matter, with only a few days left for exams, it’s the worst time to even talk about your expectations with children who are appearing for Board exams. It will only aggravate their stress and make things worse for them.
  • Support your child with abundant love and trust. This will help the children keep negativity at bay and focus only on their exam preparation.
  • Counsel your children time and again to wipe out the phobia of board exams from their minds. You should strive hard in making them believe that their only duty is hard work. Rest all is destiny and even more, the greater truth is board results is not the only thing that matters in life.

Final words:

Healthy motivation can have amazing results as it can lift up the spirits of children and make them emotionally strong. This makes it possible for them to focus even better and deliver their best performance in examinations as well as in life.

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