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Scope and Future of HND Hospitality Management Course in London

Hospitality Management courses in London explain the functioning of hospitality-related businesses and assess the application of management concepts in the areas of lodging, food, catering and marketing. As hospitality is a part of the service industry there are a few qualities which are expected in every student aspiring to enter this field, such as being polite, helpful, friendly, patient and welcoming.

HND students studying hospitality management should be able to think on their feet and be patient when responding to customers’ queries. It’s your responsibility to stay calm at all times while assisting the people you are serving. You will also be expected to set high standards while executing your responsibilities which can sometimes be for long periods each day.

Reasons to study an HND Hospitality Management course in London

There has been a sharp increase in careers related to or within the hospitality management sector over the past decade. A degree in this course, therefore, opens up many career opportunities, often offering promising salaries. As per the British Hospitality Association, London, the hospitality sector is the third-largest in terms of employment. 

Subjects offered in this course:
Economics, Ethics in Business, Marketing, Financial Accounting, Food and Beverage operations, Hotel Management and Lodging Management.

Have a look at some of the advantages of pursuing a hospitality management course in London.

1. Job benefits

Most of the top-rated hotels know how to keep their employees happy. A career in hospitality management tends to offer attractive salaries as well as other benefits such as paid vacations and great employee discounts.

2. Job flexibility

Hotels are everywhere. This means that a course in this subject offers diverse career options for the future. From working in a laid back atmosphere at a resort on a mountain or beach to opting for a more fast-paced environment in a centrally-located hotel, the choice is yours! What’s more, if you are working for a hotel chain, you will usually have the option to transfer to a location of your choice.  

3. Combining other courses

You can also pursue additional courses alongside your hospitality course such as anything tourism, art or sports-related. This will not only boost your skillset but also increase your chances of gaining higher positions in the company.

4. Job opportunities

The hospitality industry is happy to take on interns as full-time employees, with almost every hotel keeping various vacancies for interns or trainees. This significantly boosts your career opportunities within the hospitality sector.

Why London?

Every year more than half a million students come to the UK to pursue higher education. Subsequently, London has become somewhat of an educational hub and a popular choice international students. The universities in London are internationally recognised and offer high-quality education along with a great standard of living. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why you should opt to pursue a hospitality management course in London.

1. Internationally recognised degrees

Most degrees offered by London universities are internationally recognised and offer great future prospects. A degree from colleges such as Oxford or Cambridge will make you a highly sought after candidate.

2. Part-time jobs

The UK government allows students to work part-time to meet their expenses. Students can work up to 20 weeks per hour during term time and can take up a full-time job during their vacations. This not only relieves students from financial pressures but also helps them gain valuable experience.

3. Lower tuition fees

Tuition fees in England are far less than in the USA, with most UK courses also being a duration of three years, as compared to a four-year degree course in the USA. 

4. Improve communication skills

English (reading, writing and listening) is a very important language in international business. By studying hospitality management course in London, students will find a dramatic improvement in their English language skills.

Career options

Graduating in a hospitality course will open many doors to job roles, such as:

  • An event planner or organiser;
  • Hotel or resort manager;
  • Housekeeper;
  • Operations manager in hotels, resorts and restaurants
  • Food and beverage director;
  • Bar or restaurant manager;
  • Facility manager;
  • Casino manager.
  • Marketing department in resorts, hotels or bars;
  • Airline cabin crew.

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