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Why is Self-Assessment Important for your Career Planning?

Are you at crossroads of your life struggling to find the right direction in your life?

Is there a lot of confusion and no clarity as to what career you should pursue?

While it is good to seek some professional guidance at this stage, the most important thing to do is to make a self-assessment.

The career coach at study destination insists on assessing your strengths and weaknesses on your own before approaching any counselor. Why?

Because there are a number of advantages that the technique of self-assessment offers. We as students, often, underestimate the importance of this technique which can actually be very rewarding.

Benefits of Self-Assessment

  • It helps you in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. Even more, you get to know your interests and personality traits.
  • You understand your style of working and workplace preferences.
  • It helps you think rationally. You get to know areas of your strength and chances of growth in that particular field.
  • The best thing about self-reflection is that you don’t only create but also start communicating your vision regarding what you want to accomplish in your life.
  • You tend to make a fair assessment of challenges and setbacks you will have to face as a result of your career moves. To model, it could be that your choice of study area demands a lot of money or it requires you to move to far-off places to get into the best universities/ schools.

The moment you start getting your answers, you tend to gain a lot of clarity. With clarity comes determination and willpower to achieve your goals in life.

What you achieve with personal reflection can’t be achieved even by seeking professional consultation. Nevertheless, the most fruitful combination is that of self-reflection along with consultation from experts in the field.

Self- Assessment Steps:

In order to assess your true potential, you must seek answers to questions given in a sequence below:

Areas of Your Interest

This section deals with identifying your interests by seeking answers to:

  • What areas of study/ work excite you the most?
  • What subjects/ fields of work bring maximum satisfaction in your life?
  • Do you get bored of doing something for a longer time?
  • Is there any area of work you never get bored of doing?
  • Are there any specific tasks you look forward to doing again and again?
  • What style of work are you comfortable doing? Do you like to be indoors or outdoors most of the time?

Shortlist the study options on the basis of your answers and move to the next step.

Evaluate Yourself

This step deals with self-evaluation to check if the areas of your interest coincide with your strengths. Else otherwise you’ll have to go back to step 1 and repeat the process.

*Career Coach Special Tip*

Your areas of interest must match your areas of strength if you want to reach an acme in your career.

For your complete evaluation, you must seek answers to the following questions:

  • What tasks are you good at performing?
  • Are there are any skills you’ve mastered in your life so far?
  • What are your weaknesses and is it possible to work on them?
  • Will your weaknesses come in the chosen areas of your work?

Work at either making weaknesses your strengths or choose a career where they will have no interference.

For example:

If you’re not an effective communicator, it is advisable to not think of a career in marketing seriously.

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Next, you need to make a fair estimate of the resources you would be needing for achieving your professional goals.

Are those resources readily available to you?

If not, will it be possible to arrange them?

There is no use making plans when there are no sufficient means to materialize them.

Finally, when you develop a clear understanding of your needs and interests, it is time to approach an experienced counselor. He will help you explore the available study/ work options and guide you in accomplishing your goals.

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