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Self-Care Tips That I Follow During My Work Hours

Talk to people and a majority of them would tell you that self-care is an occasional or if not occasional, it’s a weekend or an evening thing. Self-care is when you splurge on a nice facial, spa or a fine dine-out. But, I beg to differ.

For me, the time for self-care is not only when I am off from work but it also means my well-being during each hour of my life that gets spent on work. And for me, my work is something that should further my professional and personal well-being in the long run, and not run me down.

Given below are different ways that ensure I’m taking good care of myself even during my work hours:

1. State of Serene Competence

I do everything that can help me reduce my stress and make my career more worthwhile. I try to be proactive all the time.

I like to be organized and prepared and I like planning things ahead of time. This is because over the years I have understood myself- I tend to build a lot of stress when there is too much workload and as a result, my productivity gets affected drastically.

By being proactive, it gets easier for me to build the momentum my work demands and even more, it makes it convenient for me to manage multiple tasks at my workplace along with impromptu meetings.

2. Work Relationships

I am definitely not an extrovert person. It can take a lot of time for me to open up and share my life with someone. But that doesn’t mean I take my relationships with co-workers or clients lightly. I always try to make my work and days much more rewarding by fostering healthy relationships with my clients. In case you think it’s something that is difficult or consumes a lot of your time, you’re highly mistaken. It’s all about having that mindset and things start falling into place automatically.

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3. Lunch and Coffee Breaks

The time I take out for lunch and coffee breaks is indeed important for me. These breaks for me are not about food. I use that time to pause the mental treadmill that consumes the rest of my day. This time I take off helps me restore my levels of energy and concentration.

4. Feedback

In order to keep myself going, it’s important for me to know where I stand and how well I am doing my work. Thus, I never stop myself from asking others to give the candid feedback on my work. And this is something really useful.  It gets me into a place where I am exposed to several opportunities for growth and improvement.

Some Final Words
When you start rebalancing your life with some sort of career care, you start finding dramatic improvements in your life that can go a long way in ensuring you a successful and rewarding career.

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