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Should kids be sent to Activity Classes after School Hours?

The parents today are torn in numerous directions in the name of “overall development” of the kids. They are running all over Ludhiana to take their kids from one class to another. Parents tend to fill their kid’s schedule by involving them in every possible activity.

This is the reason that you will see institutes introducing varied learning and activity classes almost every day be it dance, sports, robotics, art and craft, public speaking, theatre, writing and many more.

Let us discuss whether these activity/ hobby classes are really needed or they are just being an obstruction in letting the child enjoy his childhood?

For a couple of decades, there has been an increasing pressure on the parents to make their child competitive and well equipped to fight the future job scenario. Another reason is, when both the spouses are working in a nuclear family, they need additional care for their children. These activity classes serve a dual purpose.

There is no second thought that engaging the kids in extracurricular activities certainly improves the kid’s physical and mental development abilities. But exhaustively scheduling the kids may harm them more than doing any good. That’s why cases of child stress, depression and anxiety are increasing day by day.

Have a look at the pros and cons of filling the kid’s schedule after school.

Benefits of Activity Classes

1.      Time Management

When a kid knows that he has to attend the activity class, time management skills are automatically inculcated. A kid eats lunch on time, completes homework and gets ready for the class.  Getting involved in activity classes helps the child to learn how to prioritize things efficiently.

2.      Boosts Confidence

Children at a younger age are curious about things and explore them with full interest. So, whether it be acting, painting, robotics, coding, dance etc, they do it with full passion and enthusiasm. Diversifying kid’s interest at a younger age, help him understand the world in a much better way. In-fact, accomplishments in these activities helps the child build self-confidence as well as boosts his self-esteem. These activities may eventually help the child to pursue a better career choice in the future.

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3.      Goals and Teamwork

These extracurricular activities help the child learn the importance of goals in life and how they can be achieved step-by-step. Most of the activities are performed in teams, so team spirit and teamwork are self-imbibed in the child. 

Everything, when done in a limit, turns fruitful. Excess of everything is bad and the same is with over-scheduling your child.

Cons of Joining Multiple Activity Classes

1.      Reduces Unstructured Playtime

The child should be given sufficient time to play on his own. Enrolling a child in multiple activity classes will not only reduce his unstructured playtime but will affect the child’s creativity as well. Giving your child an ample time for unstructured play is important so that he enjoys his activity class, feels motivated to excel in the activity of his choice and doesn’t feel burdened.

2.      Triggers Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Making the schedules of kids hectic will increase the chances of stress, depression and anxiety. These signs would start reflecting form early adolescent ages and may prove disastrous if not controlled in time.   

Winding Up

Getting a child involved in any activity classes in Ludhiana helps not only in engaging a child in free time but teaches him valuable traits as well.  From time management to stress management, teamwork to goal-setting etc everything gets imbibed at an early age. So, getting a child enrolled in extra activities is not bad but at the same time, parents should also ensure that the child is not overburdened or his time is not overscheduled. One activity class at a time should just be fine.