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Significance of Learnability for your Career Goals

Did you know that there is one trait that guarantees you career longevity above everything else?

We are here talking about the trait known as learnability. Learnability reflects your hunger for knowledge and self-improvement. Talking about growth in career graph, it’s not only about your experience, work ethics or soft skills. It has a lot to do with your willingness to learn new things as it is something that keeps you competitive throughout your career.  In order to make yourself indispensable to your potential employer, you’ll have to demonstrate this trait as all the leading companies have now started to emphasize the significance of learnability in their employees.

What you must know is that in today’s marketplace, academic history is not the only thing that matters to your employers. Equally important is your innate ability to learn and diversify your skills. It is because it doesn’t only help you in staying updated but also increases your market value and demand.

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Significance of Learnability

Given below are several points that highlight the significance of learnability:

  • Even if your employer offers an employee program and training to support your further education, it’s you only who’ll have to take an initiative to increase your knowledge and expand your skill-set.
  • Today, the job market is dynamic. The employers offer wider options for employees to make their system and processes carried out within their organization more efficient. The employers have similar expectations from their employees and want them to stay in flux and dynamic.
  • The individuals with a ceaseless thirst to learn or higher levels of learnability make better employees. It is because when they encounter something outside of their knowledge or skill set, they try to study it on their own and watch others carefully to acquire new skills that can help them overcome the same challenge next time.
  • The employees who are open to learning evolve with time and are, therefore, extremely valuable to their organizations. The employers would, therefore, want to retain such employees for a longer time and keep offering job incentives so that their talented employees don’t leave them.

Common Traits Among Insatiable Learners

The candidates who are insatiable learners, often, demonstrate the traits listed below:

  • They possess several skills that are self-taught.
  • Even after their formal education is over, they continue investing time and money in learning new things and expanding their skill-set.
  • As employees, they make efforts in learning new things whenever they are faced with a challenge at the workplace so that they resolve the same challenge on their own next time.
  • They continue learning things that are outside their domain to make themselves more relevant and marketable in their industry.

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Final words:

Before you send your applications, it is important that you check if the organization you’re sending your application to has an environment conducive for your learning and growth. It is significant as it is only under such an environment you can satiate your desire for learning, self-improvement and skill set expansion.

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