Singapore Pathway Programs: Fast-track Entry to Undergrad 2nd Year

Singapore Pathway Programs: Fast-track Entry to Undergrad 2nd Year

Singapore Pathway Programs: Fast-track Entry to 2nd Year of Undergrad

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rencontre amoureuse en espagnol A Diploma Pathway program (a.k.a. International Year One) is a full-time academic program specifically designed for international students. This program is equivalent to studying the first year of an undergraduate degree and guarantees direct admission/ entry to the second year of a wide variety of undergraduate programs in several top universities upon its successful completion.

bien préparer un job dating The program helps in gaining the necessary academic knowledge and skills required for the successful completion of undergraduate degree along with English language proficiency.

helpful resources This program is suitable for international students who wish to study in Singapore but do not meet the academic requirements to gain a direct entry to the university. The program, therefore, aims at making the foreign university education widely accessible for a wider range of international students.

Clicking Here Under the Pathway Programs, there are business diploma programs for business degrees, engineering diploma programs for engineering degrees and more. As a student of the pathways program, your only focus is on the chosen degree/ program. There is absolutely no need to study the subjects that are not related to your chosen field of study.

Features of Singapore Pathway Programs

world of tanks fcm 50t matchmaking Given below are the salient features of this program:

  • Makes the first-class university facilities easily accessible for international students
  • Offers the alternative admission route to students with low academic percentage or for students who fail to meet other admission criteria
  • Wide variety of academic courses are offered including diplomas, foundation certificates or pre-masters programs
  • It allows multiple admission intakes within a year
  • Offers high-level support to students on both academic and non-academic matters
  • High-quality education is imparted to students with a comprehensive subject-based knowledge
  • There is a provision for a comfortable stay during the entire course
  • The course helps in enhancing English language skills
  • There is a greater emphasis on small class size and the individual learning support is offered to all the participants of the course
  • There are programs offered for Matric/O-Level/As Level to help students start their university study and save their academic year

Institutions Offering Pathway Programs Given below is the list of institutions in Singapore offering different pathway programs for international students:

free dating ads Academies Australasia College

directory Chartered Institute of Technology

Coleman College

Dimensions International College

Informatics Academy

Kaplan Higher Education Academy

Nanyang Polytechnic

PSB Academy 

SMF Institute of Higher Learning

Singapore University of Technology and Design

STEi Institute

Temasek Polytechnic

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