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7 Key Professional Skills You Gain From Work Experience

As a student, one thing you must learn is that work experience of any form whether an internship, a part-time gig or full-time placement is invaluable.

Even by studying abroad or by graduating from the world’s leading university, it is not going to help you differentiate yourself from the competition that exists in the job market or make it any less easy for you to find a dream job. What might help you, instead, are the key transferable skills that you gain as a result of some sort of work experience you get. These skills are of paramount importance as they are exactly what all potential employers look at.

Given below is a list of professional skills you gain from work experience:

1. Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills

All employers are always on the look-out for workers who are capable of taking an initiative and seeking out solutions to problems on their own. They don’t want someone who is constantly looking out for help or guidance, thereby, affecting the productivity of their business. By having a prior work experience, you become capable of dealing with small problems on your own without having to lean every time on the shoulders of other employees working in an organization. That is, you become self-reliant and you start trusting yourself and the decisions you make.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Most of you would know the importance of interpersonal skills- For any employee to be successful, impeccable communication skills are an absolute necessity. However, something you might just not know is that these skills can be best acquired in a workplace environment. This is because workplace exposes you to subtle arts of communication that help you become an effective communicator.

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3. Self-Confidence

You would agree that having a job boosts your levels of confidence and self-esteem which, in turn, enhances your personal as well as your professional growth. In a real-life work scenario, when you are made to do different types of tasks including the ones you like doing and the ones you don’t- it tends to bring out the best in you. As a result, you start coming across as a confident individual to everyone around you, the essential component determining your success in today’s highly competitive world.

4. Team-working Skills

If you are serious about working in a successful company or have plans of building up one on your own, you would know that the foundation of such a company lies in the teamwork of its employees. It is only when the strengths and weaknesses of different individuals are combined, something greater can be built. When you are made to work on real-time projects and deal with a lot of pressure on an everyday basis, you automatically develop the amazing and highly rewarding skills of working in a team.

5. Business Awareness

Even if this is industry-specific, you gain a basic understanding of how businesses run and operate by taking up a job role in an organization. This makes your transition to working world a lot easier. Also, the first-hand knowledge of the industry you choose helps you decide if you want to pursue your career in the same industry. Even more, you gain a clear understanding of what type of work culture suits your career aspirations the best.

6. Networking Skills

Even by taking the simplest of the job roles, you learn how to develop and maintain professional relationships. Needless to say, your professional contacts play an important role at every stage of your career. Furthermore, your networking skills play a critical role in determining how far you go in your professional life. The contacts you maintain in the industry can lead to a multitude of opportunities including the ones you never thought could be possible.

7. Organisation Skills

The world of work is completely different from your life as a student. It is much more rigid and complex- you are expected to juggle multiple tasks at the same time, prioritize work tasks, meet deadlines and coordinate with team members. Therefore, your work experience teaches you everything. It makes you much more organized and also, a better performer.

Finally, work experience is something that exposes you to everything that is required to become a successful employee; gives you a good head start and sets you apart from your competitors.

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