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Smart Tips to Follow When You’re Hunting a Job

Finding a job can be a daunting task especially when you’re a fresh graduate. Given that there is a lot of competition in the market, you need to act smart and can’t afford to take the matter of job hunting lightly.

To help our readers find their dream job, we talked to a number of students studying in the U.S. universities to find out what worked best for them in order to get an offer letter from the employers of their choice.

Tips & Tricks

Make the Most of Your Degree/ Course

Never take your coursework lightly. Everything you are made to do while you’re in college/ university has a meaning and an end objective to it.

Remember, your employers would hardly be interested in the details of your degree but they would be interested in the evidence of what you’ve gained as a result of your degree.

If you strive hard in learning the core fundamentals of your degree/ course, the results will be evident when you will be giving interviews.


The more you participate in your university years, the better you will perform in your interviews.


Your networking capabilities go a long way in ensuring you a satisfactory and well-paying job.

You never know when your connection makes it possible for you to land a job or an interview.

The tricks of the trade are to make fast connections, gather their contact details, send them a follow-up email and stay in touch.


When you meet new people, try to come across as a confident and informed individual.

Digital Portfolio

Your profile on any of the professional networking sites or social networking sites acts as your digital portfolio.

Your potential employers are likely to look up for your profile online to learn more about you. You must, therefore, showcase your skills in an impressive manner.

The most important thing is to always keep your profile updated.

Did you just complete a milestone or accomplished something great?

Don’t forget to share it with your contacts!

The objective is to make them feel your presence.


Keep posting the good stuff and refrain from posting anything that will portray you in a bad form.

Look Beyond Advertisements

Not all the job opportunities that can be of your interest get advertised.

Consider redirecting your efforts and energy elsewhere.

Have you ever thought about writing directly to a boss under whom you would really want to build your career?

If you’re really passionate about working somewhere, take it as a “Go-ahead” signal. Write directly and your potential employer might find something suitable and interesting for you.


By writing directly, you refrain from becoming part of the race in which people are trying to win against each other.

Do Your Homework

Did you manage to get an interview scheduled for yourself?

It’s time for some research!

Find out about the company, your interviewer and other details.


The thumb rule says when you’re through with your homework; you find yourself in a relaxed state of mind and have substance to talk.

Widen Your Horizons

This is very important when you’re seeking a job. You must never focus only on the remuneration and job benefits that you’ll be getting out of your position in a new company.

When you’re a newbie in the job market, there are much more things to focus on.

Does the new position offer you an environment for learning and growth?

Will you enhance your skills by working in a new place?

Will there be an opportunity for growth and networking with people in the industry?


Successful people know when the time is right for grabbing an opportunity.

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