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Some Interesting Facts about Students Who Study Abroad

Some Interesting Facts about Students Who Study Abroad

We have already talked about the numerous benefits of studying abroad.

But, there are many parents and for that matter even students who would want to go by the statistics to believe the benefits of studying abroad.

There are some really interesting facts about students who embark on a study abroad journey. These may include variegated factors like enhanced learning, personality development, improved academic performance, and career enhancement.

Following is the listing of some interesting findings, suggested by a research work, in the field of study abroad:

High Employment Rate

What is your primary objective of earning a degree from a reputed institution?

If it is the advancement in your career graph, there’s exciting news for you!

97% of students studying abroad easily found employment within 1 year of completing their graduation. Even more, 90% of the students were able to land themselves a job within a duration of 6 months only.

University Choice for Masters

Do you want to get into your dream study destination for a Master’s program?

If yes, the statistics given below are of your interest:

90% of study abroad students could make it to the graduation schools of their first and second choice.

Salary Packages

Does the salary you get, count how much rewarding your study abroad journey has been?

If yes, the good news is that 25% students get higher starting pay packages as compared to students who don’t study abroad.

Career Progression

By studying abroad, the students develop invaluable skills and find it easier to make a progress in their career graphs.

While 84% of students reported that they developed valuable skills required for a job as a result of their foreign studies, 70 % students were found to be more satisfied with their professions.

Even more, 80% of the students studying in foreign universities said they could adapt to diverse work environments due to the exposure their study abroad journey gave them.

Academic Performance

The results might be hard to believe but the studies reveal that there is a 100% improvement in GPA after students move to international universities. The academic performance of students improves drastically towards the completion of their programs or degrees.

The students reveal that their GPAs rose twice as fast as a result of moving abroad for higher studies.


Having talked about the academic and professional benefits of studying abroad, many of you must already be convinced of the benefits of studying abroad. Nevertheless, there are many more reasons that must encourage you to make a leap forward.

In case you’re looking at enhancing your personality and gaining the vast amount of exposure, studies in a foreign university are going to help you a lot.

Are you wondering the reasons for the same?

The study abroad journey makes you learn how to adapt quickly to new surroundings and makes you much more confident.

Results from the Surveys

97% students attributed their maturity to their studies in a foreign university and 96% study abroad students claimed their confidence was boosted due to studying abroad.  

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