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5 Strategies that Ensure You Get Your Dream Job

Job hunting is an extremely time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience. It can be overwhelming to find a job that suits your career aspirations and goals. But the process can be made a lot easier by mastering strategies that ensure you get your dream job. They are as given below:

1. By Looking for Jobs on Specialized Platforms

Time is a precious commodity. You can’t waste a lot of time looking for jobs in every possible place. There are numerous job postings online and it not practical to scan every possible job board. Browsing websites that specialize in the field of your interest can help you save a lot of time and make it possible for you to land your dream job.

Even when using platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed, you need to use the right filters so as not to get distracted and to save your time.

Also, you can make use of other platforms like networking events, conferences or even use your contacts to find a job of your dreams. When we talking about finding jobs, these traditional platforms still remain very effective in today’s internet driven world.

2. Forget the Number Game

Do you still think that by sending your resume to more and more companies, your chances of getting a job increase?

It doesn’t work. The most effective strategy lies in micro-targeting companies and the positions offered by them. Basically, you need to shortlist companies that you’re most passionate about working for. The work offered by them should make you excited.

By expressing your interest in every open position and that too in a random company, your chances of being taken seriously by the hiring manager get reduced significantly.

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3. Showcase Your Interest

The hiring managers are not interested in reading the content that you have copy-pasted. They want to see your passion for the job that is being offered. They want to read about your skills and experience relevant to the job being offered. You must, therefore, tailor your cover letter depending on the requirements listed in the job description.

In order to showcase interest and knowledge in your field, you may even consider starting a blog or personal page. While sending your job application, you can include the links to your blog/ website in the same.

4. Interview Preparation

There is no use going for an interview if you’re not through with your homework. You need to spend a considerable time preparing for the interview, extracting information about the company you’re applying to and its employees.

You must sound confident and talk what is relevant during your interview.  Also, you need to be careful in not talking only about yourself. Try to keep the personal conversation limited. Your focus should be on demonstrating your skills and knowledge. This comes with practice. Also, consider talking about what you think will make you a perfect fit for the organization.

Listening is an important component of an interview as well. By listening to the hiring manager, you’ll be able to learn about the organization and its policies along with their expectations from the employees. This will help you decide if you’re truly interested in working for the organization or not.

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5. Thank-you Note

You must never underestimate the power of a small thank-you note you send after your interview.

22 percent of employers are not likely to hire you in case you don’t send a thank-you note to them after your interview as revealed by the results of a survey conducted by CareerBuilder.

By not sending a thank-you note, you tend to give an impression that you’re not much serious about the job and it kind of leaves a bad impression on the employer.

When writing your thank-you note, you need to be careful in not sounding too desperate for the job.

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