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Student Jobs: Earn Money From Invigilating

Student Jobs: Earn Money From Invigilating

Are you looking at earning some extra cash while studying in a foreign university?

If yes, you might be overwhelmed to learn that it is possible to earn handsome money by taking up the role of a student invigilator. Even more, you can mark-check exams of undergraduate students to make some more money.

Job Roles

As an invigilator, your primary job is to offer the best possible examination experience for the students. The tasks you may be entrusted with are as given below:

  • To tread softly around an examination hall in a silent and unassuming manner
  • To remain watchful and maintain your calm all the time
  • Observe students in an inconspicuous and discrete manner
  • To ensure everything is in order before the commencement of the exam and even during the exam
  • To ensure students have placed their belongings in the correct place
  • Direct students to their allocated seats
  • Oversee distribution and collection of papers before the exam and answer sheets at the end of the exam
  • Resolve queries
  • Check attendance

As a part of your job, you might have to deal with students who might become panic-stricken and require immediate counseling. Or, you may even have to deal with students indulging in unethical or unlawful practices at the testing time.

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The prerequisites for the given job are as follows:

  • Keen observation skills
  • Awareness
  • An eagle eye for detail
  • Basic understanding of the needs of the students. For example, the students would expect complete silence inside the examination hall so as to be able to focus on their test.
  • Disciplined behavior
  • Ability to deal with uncertain situations that may arise during the exam
  • Reassuring nature
  • Be able to demonstrate common sense and accuracy
  • Impeccable communication skills
  • Demonstrate reliability and punctuality
  • Flexible nature of work

You don’t necessarily require previous experience for this job as training is provided to you.

How to Find Job Vacancies?

You may check out the websites of colleges and universities in your city as they are likely to advertise all the vacancies on their websites. In case, you are not familiar with institutions located in your city, you may use Google search engine and type relevant keywords such as ‘Exam invigilators’ or ‘Student exam invigilators’ and the results will be shown to you.

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Pay Scale

The hourly rate may vary from one university to another but the average rates fall between £7 and £10.

Remember, you need to make early applications as vacancies for this role get filled up very quickly. Afterall, no student minds extra cash to splurge on during the holidays!

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