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How Much Does it Cost to Study a PhD in the UK?

PhD is one of the most sought after degrees by students who are extremely passionate about their careers and want to make it big in their lives. Right in their school and early days of college life, the students start dreaming about doing Ph.D. but most of them are not aware of the costs and other crucial aspects that are involved in this field of study. Dreams are important and only those who dream accomplish heights in life. But equally important is awareness. In case you’re planning to pursue PhD, it is vital that you gain important information relevant to this field as it will help you make informed career decisions.

Study a PhD in the UK

 Tuition Fees

A good thing about doing a PhD is that tuition fee charged for PhD is much lower as compared to undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Still, the international students are likely to find it a bit higher. Nevertheless, the fee charged is worth all the career progression that takes place once you complete your PhD.

For example, the tuition fees at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is approximately  £4,121 per year for students from the UK and EU and  £16,536 for international students for a full-time PhD.

Living Costs

Living costs vary largely from one place to another in the UK. This is significant especially when we talk of living and commutation expenses. When you study in London, you can expect your living costs to be much higher as compared to other cities. The other factors that can determine your costs of living include proximity of your accommodation from campus and whether you’re living on sharing basis or not. How much you wish to socialize can also influence your living costs in a big way. As an international student, you’re going to incur some additional costs as well.

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Managing Your Expenses

Fully Funded PhD

Did you know that it is quite possible to avail an opportunity of doing a fully funded PhD?

There are a number of students who get paid to research and pursue their studies in the research field. Does it sound interesting? Are you thinking how to go about arranging funds for your PhD?

What you must know is that there are students who source their funds from a combination of sources. The university that you’re considering for your PhD can offer you funds and then the Research Councils UK offers funds for students who wish to study PhD. Besides, you can look for crowdsourcing platforms online and several charitable institutions. Even, you can browse for funded PhD studentship on different portals that advertise university jobs for students.

Working While You Study

There are several PhD programs that require the course participants to spend time teaching or assisting professors teaching undergraduate/ postgraduate students. Such programs are said to offer PhD studentships and help you make handsome money as they are much better paid than those who don’t offer teaching option. Otherwise, you can even consider pursuing PhD part-time so that can you can work part-time as well. It will, however, take a you longer time to complete your PhD and get into a full-time job.

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Final words:

It is important for international students to keep a close watch on the changes that are being introduced and what all that can be done freely as an international student. This is required as being an international student, there will be certain things that might not be available for you or you might not be allowed to do.