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Study Abroad Hacks: Tips on Getting a GMAT Waiver

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the major requirements for getting into a business school. Preparing well for this exam and getting through it with a decent score is quite a difficult task. In fact, it happens to be one of the most dreaded things by applicants who are considering a management course in a reputed university. Even more, there are numerous students who drop the idea of doing an MBA just because they fear GMAT.

Do you also fall into the similar category?

Well, there’s nothing to worry. It’s just about knowing things that others are not aware of and making a right move in the right direction.

What must you know?

While you may easily find a list of colleges that don’t ask for GMAT score, what you might not know already is that it is even possible to get a GMAT waiver.


It is quite a possibility if you possess decent professional work experience and know how to demonstrate the same in your application.

There are certain tactics you may deploy in order to get a GMAT waiver.

Remember, getting a GMAT waiver is not everyone’s cup of tea and demands an outstanding application.

Writing a Letter Asking for a GMAT Waiver

In order to get a GMAT waiver, the foremost step is to write a letter asking for the same. Notably, your letter is the most crucial element in deciding whether you would be getting what you’ve asked for or not.

Your letter/ application has to be framed very carefully. The intention behind writing the letter must be explicitly mentioned in an opening statement.

The primary objective of conducting a GMAT exam is to check applicants on certain criteria. It is believed that there are certain skills that must be possessed by every management graduate.

In case you don’t want to write GMAT exam, you must frame your application with a lot of attention and care. It must highlight your competency in skills for which you would be tested in GMAT. These include analytical, logical and quantitative skills. While highlighting the areas of your expertise, ensure they are relevant to the course you’re considering to apply for.

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Demonstrating Your Skills

The only way to get a GMAT waiver is by maximizing your potential.

Remember, the business school will be considering your application for an exam waiver only because they value work experience more than a numerical score. Therefore, you must not leave a stone unturned in demonstrating how much you’ve grown because of your professional stint.

*Career Coach’s Excellent Tips*

  • Refer to examples of GMAT waiver applications/ letters online that have been successfully accepted by the institutions.
  • Support all your claims made in letter and essays by providing relevant examples.
  • Showcase the practical application of your skills and abilities within the different professional roles that you’ve held in the past couple of years. The key idea is to portray that you are capable of influencing change because of your abilities and have already left your imprints at a number of places.
  • Your professional growth along with career leaps you have made must be reflected both in your resume and recommendation letters.
  • Highlight only the real value and significant aspects of the changes your skills/ abilities have brought about at workplaces and in your personal life.

Final words: A GMAT waiver can be granted out of your work experience, but only if this move is planned carefully and executed in a correct manner.

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