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Study Abroad- How to Shortlist International Universities?

Many articles are floating over the internet regarding top international colleges to prefer or the best schools to join after schooling. But these articles are written by someone with his/her own viewpoint. The list may be or may not work for every student. It is you who have to research and find the best school, university, country and course of your choice.

 Rather than considering other’s opinions, it is always better to keep your personal choices and preferences at top.

Even if the college/university is holding a good rank, that doesn’t mean that it would be the right choice for you. It becomes very difficult to get an acceptance letter from a reputed and well-ranked University due to high competition. If you are an average student then your preferences would be different from a student with excellent grades and top scores. So, don’t go blindly on other’s choices. It’s all about you, your interests, budget and your future.

Here are some tips that will help you find a perfect university and course for you.

1.     Country

You can explore the e-world regarding the work environment, job opportunities, job market, culture, weather, etc. present in different countries. It may happen that a cold climate doesn’t suit you, so studying in countries with very or extremely low temperatures would not be a good idea. You must, therefore, make a list of countries that comply with your comfort and budget and where you would want to study.

2.     Areas of Interest

First of all, you need to decide your areas of interest. Which course are you going to pursue? After all, you just can’t afford to take any random course. The choice of a course or program should be related to the fields of your past work. The chances of visa rejection are pretty high when you chose a subject that is not related to your previous studies. Make a list of all the countries/ universities where your favorite course is offered.

3.     Interested in Sports

If you are a sportsperson, you definitely would like to inquire about whether the university you are interested in offers sports as well. Many students lay importance to extracurricular activities more than academics, then browsing college websites would give answers to all your queries. 

4.     Your Grades

The universities in the USA, UK and Australia have a different grading scale as compared to India. So, you need to convert your score to GPA of that school and cross-check with the eligibility criteria. It is really difficult for moderate to low grade students to get admission to top-ranked colleges. But you can still manage to get into good Universities/Colleges with low grades by improving your grades, having a strong extracurricular background, good IELTS/TOEFL score, great recommendations and impeccable personal statement.

5.     Scholarships

You have to decide on your budget to study abroad especially in English speaking countries of the US, UK and Australia. Many universities offer scholarships to international students. You can call the admission office directly or can explore the college/university website to learn more about the scholarships offered. Many Indian organizations grant scholarships to brilliant students as well. Have a look at some of the international scholarships.

6.     Consult a Professional

You can speak to your school’s professor or counselor. You can also contact some reputed overseas educational consultancy regarding your choices and seek the guidance of veteran counselors. You can contact MyStudyDestination to get an expert opinion on your choices. This will help you in making the right decision.

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