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Study Abroad in Canada: Important Steps to Get Your Student Visa Approved

After the student receives an admission offer from any Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI) or University, the visa application process gets started. The applicant needs a student visa to live in Canada and a study permit that grants permission to the student for studying in his favorite university or DLI. 

As per the latest rules, Indian students who are applying for temporary resident visa or study permit have to submit their biometrics along with the visa application. Follow these 6 steps that will help you in getting quick and easy approval of the student visa. 

1.    Prepare the Documents

Before starting the application process, the candidate should make sure that he has all these documents ready.

  ·        a copy of acceptance letter (from DLI or University)

·        a copy of the clearance of medical examination

·        a proof of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) of $10,000

·        a proof of tuition fee payment (at least the first year)

·        a proof that the candidate has a minimum of 6 bands for English in IELTS or a minimum score of 7 for French in Test d’évaluation de français (the Niveaux de Compétence Linguistique Canadiens).

When all the documents are ready, assemble them in a file. Now it’s time to file the visa application form but before that cross-check with the latest eligibility criteria.

2.    Check the  Eligibility

Here are some minimum requirements which should be met before starting the visa application process.

i. The candidate should be enrolled at a DLI. The offer letter or acceptance letter is proof of enrolment.

ii. The candidate should have sufficient funds/finances to bear the living expenses, tuition fee as well as a return trip back to the home country after the course completion.

iii. There shouldn’t be any criminal record on the candidate and he should not be any threat to Canada‘s security and sovereignty.

iv. The candidate should not be suffering from any health disorder or fatal disease.  A good medical report is a sufficient proof.

v. The candidate should be able to convince the immigration officer that he will return to the home country after the course completion in Canada.

Apart from all these, the candidate can also provide an explanation letter that supports the visa application. The letter should be addressed to the visa committee and should have the following explanations:

·        Career goals

·        Reasons for course selection

·        Why Canada?

·        Preparation of the candidate to cope with the course 

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3.    Application Process

Once the documents are ready, the eligible candidate has two options to file the application process: 1. Online Application 2. Offline or on Paper. The fee for the visa application is CAD 150.

Apply Online

To begin the online application process, visit the official website of the Government of Canada. After that, the candidate needs to create a new account on the website. Make sure that all the soft copies of the supporting documents are available. If not, then scan them.

After the account creation, a profile gets created. The account will help the candidate to prepare the application and then submit it online. The application status can be viewed anytime from the account.

Next, the candidate needs to provide the details about the program in which he has been enrolled along with the name of DLI. Soon, the candidate will receive an email stating the login and password. All the supporting documents are uploaded after re-login. After uploading all the documents, it’s time now to pay the visa application fee ie. CAD 150 and click the submit button.

For biometrics, the candidate needs to visit the Visa Application Centre after receiving the Biometric Instruction Letter, after application submission letter.

Apply On Paper

All the instructions are given on the official website of the Canada Government. After filling the application form, the form needs to be submitted to the nearest Visa Application Center.  The application will be returned in case it is incomplete.

Here are some key points which need to be considered while filling the visa application form.

i. While preparing the documents, make sure that all the copies are certified. Also, if needed, the candidate may be required to translate any document. The documents should either be in English or French.

ii. The translated document should be accompanied by an affidavit from the translator. The candidate needs to provide the certified original copy as well.

iii. The candidate needs to pay the application fee as well as a biometrics fee after filling the application form and attaching the supportive documents.

After the biometrics is done, the application can be submitted.

4.    Application Processing

The Canadian Government may take up to 5 weeks’ time to process a student visa for the Indian candidate. The complete processing time depends on several factors and can be checked in detail from the official website. As per the new rules, the Canadian Government has discontinued the use of SPP and has introduced a new way of application processing which is Student Direct Stream (SDS).

SDS guarantees a faster application processing time of 45 days or even less for the study permit. This process is specially designed for students with strong French or English language skills for speedier visa processing.

Eligibility criteria for SDS:

·        Admission letter or enrolment letter from DLI.

·        The candidate needs to demonstrate exceptional language skills in English or French.

·        The candidate should have sufficient finances for the entire education program in Canada.

·        Good medical report.

5.    Guaranteed Investment Certificate

Guaranteed Investment Certificate or GIC is one of the most important documents which need to be submitted during the visa application process for Canada. A GIC of $10,000 is required and can be obtained from any of the participating institutions like Scotia Bank and ICICI Bank.

6.    Medical Examination

The candidate needs to undergo a medical examination from any of the official physicians. Before going to the doctor, a candidate should ensure all the necessary things.

i. A valid ID proof

ii. Contact lenses or spectacles (whichever is worn by the candidate)

iii. Any previous test reports

iv. Medical Report Form (IMM 1017E) which is sent by the VISA office. 

The test results are directly sent to the embassy.

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