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Should I Study Abroad in UK or Italy?

Study Abroad in UK or Italy

The choice of a study destination never comes easy, especially, when there are so many options available. To make it easier for you to decide your study destination, we have decided to compare two extremely popular and famous study abroad destinations: UK and Italy. It might help you if you base your study abroad decision on the basis of the factors given below:

Spoken Languages

The language that is spoken in your study destination plays an important role in your overall experience.


As far as studying in the UK goes, there is no problem for students who can speak English as this language is widely spoken all over the place. It’s just that the accent of people belonging to different regions vary slightly from one another.


Although English is spoken in this country, you’ll have to acquire a basic understanding of the local language that is Italian if you wish to study abroad in Italy. It is important not only to make things convenient for you on a daily basis but also to immerse yourself completely into its culture.

Cultural Differences


The university culture focuses majorly on campus life. There are a vast number of options available for joining different clubs and organizations.

By studying in the UK, you won’t have any problem finding your favorite cuisine as most of the cities offer a range of international cuisines including Indian cuisine.


By studying in Italy, you get exposed to world art, culture and fashion. Besides, you get to learn about the rich history and culture of this place that remains unparallel to any other place in the world.

Families are given a lot of importance in Italian culture just like our Indian culture. Even, all the shops close in the afternoon for the families to spend time together.

The type of food available varies from one location to another but Italian delicacies can easily be found all over the place. The climate in Italy varies from one region to another with Northern cities have a cooler environment as compared to Southern cities.



The course/ program structure is a combination of lectures, essays, readings and discussions. The popular study abroad programs for this destination include business, life sciences, political sciences, computer science and literature.


The courses/ programs offered in partnership with Italian universities are lecture-oriented and there are oral exams held at the end of each semester. Also, the independent academic programs are offered in this study destination and they generally tend to follow the course structure followed in American universities. The popular study abroad programs offered in this place include art, history, literature and theology.

Cost of Living


Study abroad journey in the UK requires meticulous planning. Also, it can prove to be quite expensive and the students need to plan their budget very carefully.


The cost of living can be equally expensive in this study destination. It’s just that there are more opportunities for students to avail discounts, especially, for international students.

Finally, studying abroad in Italy might require a little more cultural adjustment and may even pose some language barriers. But the fact remains that by studying abroad in any of the two study destinations given here, you are going to gain tremendous benefits both on professional as well as personal front.

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