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Study Abroad Places to Study Business Majors

If you aspire to major in the field of Business, you would know that organizations and companies worldwide are in greater need for young talent who possess international experience and can easily adapt to different cultures.

For business majors, it has become imperative to gain international experience as employers see this as indicative of an employee who is confident and can communicate cross-culturally. The study abroad experience even reflects the candidate’s vast amount of exposure that can be used to engage potential customers in a business.

For candidates who want to pursue business majors in one of the most renowned and rewarding study-abroad places, the best options available are as given below:

1. London, England

London is one of the most influential cities not only for the UK but also for rest of the world. Also, it happens to be one of the top choices to study abroad as a business major.

Benefits of Studying in London

  • London happens to be one of the top business centers of the world.
  • Because of its strong connection to the rest of the world, travel to any place in the world is possible without any hassle.
  • The city houses quite a many top-ranked universities and colleges for students to choose from.
  • It attracts a vast number of international students from different parts of the world making it possible for students to adapt easily into the new culture.

2. Shanghai, China

Because China has become a land of abundant business opportunities, candidates with a strong understanding of Chinese culture along with its language have a strong value in the job market and are readily sought after by businesses that are looking at expansion in Chinese market.

Benefits of Studying in Shanghai

  • By living in China, you get exposed to a completely different culture and get to learn many new things.
  • Experience of a studying in China has a profound effect on your value and reputation in the job market due to China’s strong influence in the global market.
  • There are endless options for recreational activities along with enjoying the nightlife.

3. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is easily one of the best study abroad places for studying business majors as it offers world-class education in reputed universities and boasts of a strong economy.

Benefits of Studying in Seoul

  • This city has a world class public transportation system and happens to be one of the most technologically sound cities of the world.
  • Seoul is an exciting place to live and has a close proximity to nature.
  • Because of its strong economy, it’s all set to become one of the most influential cities of the world.

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4. Berlin, Germany

This city offers a fantastic option for all those who want to step into the startup scene.  Berlin is being established as a startup hotbed by Google and there is a lot more that adds to the excitement of this city.

Benefits of Studying in Berlin

  • Getting a work visa after completing your education in this city is not a problem. Even more, this city is one of the top choices to live and work in Europe.
  • There are a number of top-ranked universities located in Berlin that offers world-class education and attracts students from all over the world.
  • As compared to other study destinations in Europe, the cost of living is quite affordable in Berlin.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

A popular study destination for international students, it is well connected to rest of the Europe and offers affordable cost of living when compared to other European study destinations.

Benefits of Studying in Prague

  • Getting around the city is not a problem as it offers excellent public transportation system.
  • By studying in Prague, you’ll be getting exposed to its start-up culture.
  • The adjustment in Prague is not a problem as you’ll find tens of thousands of international students.