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 Study Abroad Preparations: Pre-Departure Checklist

There are several preparations you need to make before you leave for your study abroad journey. These things are important to be done so as to avoid any problem during your initial time at a new place. Even more, they are required to ensure a smooth journey ahead of you right after you leave your home for a new life.

The preparations may vary from one student to another, depending upon his personal needs. Nevertheless, a list of the basic preparations remains the same. It is, therefore, recommended that you get all the things on a checklist done before you make a final leap forward.

Pre-Departure Checklist

The recommended list of preparations is as given below:

1.   Before getting your travel tickets booked, you might want to find out about the luggage allowance. As a student, you will be required to carry a lot of luggage to your study destination and the wisdom is to make your bookings according to the luggage allowance. This information will also help you a great deal at the time of your packing.

2.   Make your travel arrangements well in advance. This must include transportation from an airport to your university or accommodation. It is recommended that you talk to the international student office to find out about the most recommended local means of transportation.

3.   You must make 3 photocopies of your passport along with your student visa letter.  Don’t forget to leave 1 copy back home and carry 1 each in your suitcase and handbag. As soon as you reach your accommodation, you must keep these copies at a very safe place, preferably, in your locker.

4.   Find out complete information about different types of calling cards that will be available at your study destination. You may even carry one from your home country for immediate usage and later buy one from your new destination. Even better, you can download Skype and use a webcam to make cheap calls to your contacts anywhere in the world.

5.   You must not forget to carry the copies of your student Identity Card (ID), birth certificate, and health records to be used in case of any emergency.

6.   Talk to the international student office or an academic counselor to find out about the things you need to carry and special preparations, if any, you need to make before arriving at your university.

7.   Make arrangements for sufficient foreign currency to be carried in order to manage your expenses first few weeks abroad. It is recommended that you carry a minimum of $1500 as cash and the rest of the amount in a card. Further, it is advisable that you open your bank account at the earliest possible time after arriving your study destination.

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8.   Don’t forget to carry a travel adapter. You don’t want to arrive at a new place not able to charge your laptop or mobile phone because the plug in your charger doesn’t fit into local power outlets.

9.   Gather complete information about the weather conditions at your study destination and the type of clothes you would be needing for your stay there. In case, you don’t plan to come home after a term gets over, you may even want to carry clothes for a changing season to cut down your expenses.

Should you have any questions, you must not hesitate in leaving them in the section given below and I promise to get back to you!

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