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Study Abroad Students: Improving Your Chances of PR

Many Study Abroad students are keen on settling permanently in the country of their study destination.

In fact, there are many students who leave their hometown for studying abroad in a foreign university with a primary objective of gaining a permanent residency (PR) of that particular country.

Are you one of those students who is looking at settling abroad?

If yes, you’ve made an excellent choice by landing on this page.

Our “Career Coach” insists on doing certain things while you’re a student abroad for improving your chances of PR or getting to stay there permanently.

Scroll down to find a recommended list of things:

Enhance Your Language and Employment Skills

In order to boost your chances of getting a PR grant, you must work on improving your proficiency in the local language/ English (as it is widely spoken) and gain employment skills that are highly valued in the industry. This will not only enhance your chances of getting an employment offer but also improve your score for getting a work permit/ work visa.

Make Professional Contacts

The moment you embark on your study abroad journey, you need to be crystal clear with your future goals. In case there are any plans of permanent settlement in your study destination, it is recommended that you work on building useful contacts from day one.

Interact more with teachers and faculty members. Start building contacts with seniors in your school/ college. Finally, you must never let go any chance of professional networking waste. Make the optimal utilization of networking opportunities your institution offers.

Also, remember you’re living in a digital world that offers different professional and social media networking platforms. Such platforms can help you in securing your future in a number of ways that you never imagined.

Stay active on LinkedIn (the best professional networking site) and aim at building connections with industry giants. Keep posting your thoughts/ analysis on the trending topics to ensure your presence is felt by connoisseurs.

Also, always keep your profile updated. You never know when an opportunity bangs your door!

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Consider Doing an Internship or Gaining Meaningful Employment

It makes sense to intern in a field that is related to your future course of work. This will improve your career prospects. Also, you must try and gain meaningful employment when you consider working part-time as a student.

Your profile must showcase different employment skills gathered as a result of your work stints.

Remember, your employment history is going to play a vital role in determining your chances of the permanent settlement in your study destination.

Strengthen Your Academic Skills

It is beneficial to advance your career graph by doing a more advanced qualification in the area of your study/ interest. This will hone your academic skills and knowledge. As a result, your market value will increase significantly. The employees are always on a hunt for candidates who specialize in their field of work.

By doing masters/ specialization in subjects of your study, your chances of getting an employment offer and subsequently PR will increase manifold.

Wishing you luck and success always!

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