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Study in Canada: Everything You Wanted to Know About Admissions

The admission requirements vary greatly from one institution to another in Canada. However, there are many general requirements that remain same across every university. We have compiled a list of most general requirements and procedures that are required to Study in Canada.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

There are requirements that may vary depending on the type of an institution. However, the requirements that remain same are listed below:

• If you’re seeking an admission to an undergraduate program in a Canadian University, you need a minimum 12 years of academic education

Proof of proficiency in the English Language: The most recognized English language proficiency test in Canada is IELTS. However, there are certain colleges and universities that accept only the TOEFL score. The expected score in these tests varies from university to university. Even more, the expected score varies from one course to another.

• An official high school transcript or an attested copy

• An application form completed and signed by an applicant

• In case the applicant attended any post-secondary institution, he must submit the official transcript from the same

Letter of Intent (LOI): It must clearly demonstrate the applicant’s intention and reasons for his application.

Resume: It must demonstrate the educational achievements, work experience, voluntary involvement and other related experience of an applicant in a chronological manner

• A document that confirms the completion of high school, in case the official transcript doesn’t mention it

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Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Programs

As it happens to be the case with the undergraduate programs, the requirements for postgraduate programs in Canada also vary depending upon the university and course program. The requirements that remain common to all the universities are:

• For an admission to postgraduate program, you need a minimum 16 years of academic education

• A fully completed application form

• In case you’re seeking an admission to MBA, you will have to demonstrate relevant work experience, the duration of which is generally two years

• If you plan to study MBA, you will require GMAT for admission to almost every university

• Official transcripts from all the institutions that you attended after your high school

• Official documents that confirm any professional designations in case they are applicable

• 2 letters of academic reference (in case of recent qualifications) or 2 letters of reference from employers (in case there are no recent qualifications)

• A detailed resume highlighting the educational accomplishments, work experience, and other related experience in a chronological order

• A Letter of Intent (LOI) that explains the academic intentions of an application in a clear and precise manner

• A document that confirms that the award of degrees. This is required in case the official transcripts don’t state it explicitly.

• A proof of proficiency in the English language that is, IELTS or TOEFL (whatever is applicable)

• A credential evaluated from a recognized institution or service

• In case the official transcripts are not in the English language, the notarized translation of the transcripts to the English language has to be provided

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