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Study in Canada without IELTS

Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada

Canada is known for its high culture and has been recognized by the United Nations. Canada is emerging as a magnet thereby attracting students from distant lands to come and pursue their higher education there. With this evolving trend, the norms and rules for the admission in Canadian Universities have also taken a turn. Where there was a time when not just universities but even Canadian embassy used to demand IELTS certification for an international student to attain Visa and admission in the university, today many distinguished names have changed their criteria. Now even the embassy does not need that requirement to be fulfilled conditionally if the university supporting such student is satisfied.

Why the transformation?

Canadian universities have brought about a revolution wherein they have minimalized the requirement to take the IELTS score. They have now started considering eligible students who are English proficient with prior degrees from a recognized educational institution with their medium of instruction as English. They just judge reading, writing or speaking skills. Henceforth, they sensed, it made logic to avoid the necessity of an English language proficiency test like the IELTS thereby making it stress-free for students to apply for higher education in Canada. There are a few ways to surpass the need for IELTS and go ahead for fulfilling other pre-requisites. They are:

Searching universities that do not require IELTS

There are many famed universities in Canada that no longer require the IELTS certification or score. They have been listed below followed by their general norms because majorly they follow a similar procedure. Individual universities have their set of exemptions to prove applicant’s English language proficiency still we have noted the common major pre-requisites. The following is a list of universities in Canada that offer this exemption:

Abiding by some General Norms

The first rule for non- IELTS score holders is that the students are either native English speakers; or, students being greeted from non-English speaking countries must have conventional formal degree education of three or more consecutive years in English.

Clearing other equivalent tests

Students can also get an exemption from the IELTS score test if they have completed either an O-Level or A-level examination to show their command on the English language. These examinations have equal credits as compared to IELTS but involve lesser hassle for the students to be enrolled for education.

Completing an online English language course required by the said University

The final way to get in Canada without passing IELTS test is by clearing online English language courses which are comparatively much easier than IELTS and there is no specific benchmark required to badge them with a definite score like IELTS. These courses can be of great help to such students. They make the students well-versed with the language and feed them with the much needed English skills.

Getting English proficiency certificate for Canada

The old rule of thumb of passing an IELTS test is dissolving and instead, the general proficiency norm is taking place. The student who wants to study in these universities needs to produce before the university a proficiency certificate from the previous institution so attended. In this certificate, the authorities of their preceding educational institution must approve that the student has taken English as a medium of instruction and has bagged good results which suffice the need of English knowledge required to get admitted to the so chosen Canadian University.

Will there be visa hindrances if IELTS scores are not provided?

Canada has set its wheels for new provisions where students are getting the freedom of study and work as well. Visa requirements have been much eased out. For example, earlier potential students had to show their willingness and intent to join the college and then had to undergo all the cumbersome paperwork and screening through the strict framework of English learning and IELTS clearing but now the case is different. Students can show their enrolment in the desired university and can pursue their Visa formalities in a much simpler way. And hence, the students who have applied for those universities which do not need IELTS score can basically apply for Visa without thinking about the test appearance.


Concisely, we can say that this system of omitting the need for IELTS has saved a lot of students from an extra effort, time and money. Now the willing and eligible students can straightaway apply for the Canadian University. Canada is getting more and more students with a change in this norm. Even non-native no-English speaking students who can clear the eligibility criteria otherwise have been much benefitted and attracted.