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Study in UK: Why Manchester Should Be on Top of Your List?

Due to relaxations in the work visa announced by the UK government, there is every reason for international students to aim for the United Kingdom as their preferred place of study. Manchester is one of the most popular, cultural and historical cities of the UK that enlists various top-rated universities and educational institutions.

Most of the students studying in this vibrant city end up making it their home. Some world-renowned universities such as Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester Business School and the University of Manchester continue delivering top-class talent for the international job market. Here are the top reasons why Manchester should be on top of your list.

1.     Manchester as a City

The city of Manchester is quirky, lively and vibrant. If you love traveling, then you will find something new every time on your expedition to explore the city. The famous cities surrounding Manchester are Liverpool, Chester, Preston, Sheffield and Leeds.  Manchester is situated amidst beautiful mountain peaks and serene greenery.

 Do you know Manchester is the only city that offers the students to study “Egyptian Mummies”? In fact, there is a mummy tissue bank at the University of Manchester. It contains the wax mounted human tissues and other histological slides from various civilizations where mummification was practiced.

2.     The Culture

The city and the people are very artistic in Manchester. Your love for art can be well realized in this city. Many exhibitions are conducted throughout the year. This culturally rich city celebrates festivals with great pomp and show.  The Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum are a treat to the eyes.  The annual Manchester jazz Festival is a must-watch event here.

3.     The Food

Name a cuisine, and it is available here! Be it Indian, Chinese or Mexican, the dishes are mouth-watering and hold an authentic taste as well. You can also enjoy street food at the city center. If you are new to Manchester then you must try the Northern Quarter’s Mackie Mayor. The delicious delicacies will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. The Northern Quarter is indeed one of the best destinations for all the food lovers.

4.     World-Class Universities

The University of Manchester is internally recognized as one of the top 50 Universities across the world. Around 90k students are pursuing their education and amongst them, around 20K are International students. With such a diverse culture, you won’t feel like a fish out of water. Many renowned actors, scientists, entrepreneurs and musicians have studied from Manchester Universities.

Do you know that more than 20 Nobel Prize winners have either been born in Manchester or have studied here? Some of the prominent names include Ernest Rutherford (1908, Chemistry) and Konstantin Novoselov (2010, Physics)

5.     Student Friendly Environment

From the above numbers, you can easily judge that Manchester is completely a student’s city. This makes it budget-friendly too. The city is not as expensive as London, which makes it a better place to live as well. Most of the places around the city offer discounts to students by showing the University’s Identity card. The cost of living in Manchester is just a fraction of the prices in other cities.

Manchester is unequivocally quirky, diverse and full of life. One thing that makes this place truly amazing to study is that many great talents have once been a part of the Manchester Universities. If you are planning to study in the UK, then Manchester should be on the top of your list.

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