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Study in the UK: Everything You Wanted to Know About Tuition Fees

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular study destinations amongst Indian students for all sorts of degree programs: Bachelors, Maters or even Doctorate programs.

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Even though a large number of students move to the UK for their higher studies, there are many who are not able to afford the tuition fee and the cost of living in this place of study.

Many students have to curb their desire of studying in the UK because of it being an expensive study destination.

We at “My Study Destination” don’t believe in giving up dreams. They are precious. We, therefore, thought of providing a comprehensive information on the tuition-fee that the international students are charged in different parts of the UK.

The primary objective of making this information available is to help our readers plan their study abroad journey in an efficient manner.

What You Really Need to Know?

Gathering complete information about the finances involved in studying in the UK and expanding your search for study options beyond London can greatly help you in accomplishing your dreams.

Notably, there are huge differences in tuition costs across different parts of the UK. In fact, there are plenty of easily affordable courses/ programs offered in different parts of the country.

All it requires is a careful planning and complete knowledge of the available study options to accomplish your ‘study in UK’ dream.

This post focuses on highlighting the differences in tuition-fee across different regions of the given country.


The non-EU international students in England are charged quite high as compared to both EU and local students.

The average tuition fee for a master’s program in England is approximately 17,500 GBP per year for a non-EU international student.

Talking about England, the yearly tuition fees between undergraduate and masters programs doesn’t vary significantly.

Notably, the tuition fees may be quite high depending on the academic institution and the program you intend to study.


The average tuition fees for a non-EU student in Scotland is 17,000 GBP/year.

There is a lot of government funding available for local and EU students in the country.


Welsh universities charge the average tuition fees of approximately 13,000 GBP/year for undergraduate as well as graduate degrees.

Northern Ireland

As an international Non-EU student in Northern Ireland, you’re charged around 12,000 GBP/year.

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Conduct a detailed research on available scholarships, grants and student loans for international students. You need to study the available options in-depth and make an application for the ones you’re eligible. Such schemes offer financial aid to students depending on certain criteria. As a result, you may get a huge waiver on your tuition fees.

Final words:

The higher studies in reputed universities of the UK are completely worth your effort, time and money. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to plan your finances well in advance and gather complete information on the available study options along with the investment that is needed. It may even help to save a bit or look for scholarships/ loans.