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What to Tell Employers about Your Changing Careers?

Did you switch your career after your first/ second job or even while you were pursuing a degree or course? The reasons behind your changing careers could be variegated. It could be that you lost interest in what you were doing or you found better opportunities in some other field. Or, it could even be that you wanted to relocate and close to your family and thus, work in your hometown.

Is it that now you’ve got some interesting career opportunity which you don’t want to miss?

But you’re worried about interviewer asking you why you chose to switch careers. And, you don’t know what would be the best answer to give.

As a career coach, what I believe in doing is telling your employers the exact reason that motivated you to change your career. It is just that you should be able to explain your decision well to your employers, which could be similar or completely different from your original career choice.  You just need a way to explain things so as to come up with a convincing answer. This can be done in different ways as given below:

1. By Citing ‘Better Career Prospects’ as your reason:

After an extensive research on available career opportunities, I found better (more promising and interesting) options for me in the field I am currently pursuing. I found it easier to imagine myself excelling and delivering better performance in this kind of role.

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2. By Mentioning ‘Relocation’ as your reason:

Due to some personal reasons, I had to move back to my hometown to live with my family. The opportunities available in this field were much higher and rewarding. It was, therefore, a pragmatic choice and it made sense to grab the best opportunity available. Also, it was related to my field of work and therefore, I possessed the skills that were desired for the job. And, I found it interesting as well.

3. By Saying ‘I wanted to Challenge Myself’:

I felt I was at a point in my career where I wanted to challenge myself more. It seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to grow in my career and learn new things. I thought I would be doing wrong by letting the opportunity go off.

What you must understand is that the reason employers ask this question is to determine whether you’re serious enough about your career and put a lot of thought into taking big career decisions. Even if any of the reasons given above don’t apply to you, there is nothing that should discourage you from giving a genuine and honest answer that explains the reason behind your changing careers.

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