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The Significance of Guidance and Counseling for Students in Building their Future

The students aspire to study abroad for variegated reasons such as to get a good job, handsome salary, PR, global recognition, etc. Most of the Indian students send study abroad and visa applications to random universities without conducting proper research and study. As a result, what happens is that everything ends in a failed attempt. Studying abroad is a critical decision and cannot be taken impromptu. What you need to do is to identify your interests, the country you want to study, University of your preference, etc.    

When you approach a mentor or an education counselor, he keeps all your interests in mind and then gets to a conclusion after extensive research. Here are a few reasons why consulting a career guidance expert and counselor is important for students in shaping their future.

1.   Career Counseling

Career guidance and counseling is indeed the first step to be taken if you aim to study abroad and are confused about the course which should be pursued after the completion of your higher secondary class. It is recommended to visit only professional counselors or career coaches who have years of experience in the field.  These experts guide the student on where to go, or which country to choose, or which course to follow, thereby satisfying all his requirements. Apart from making the choice of colleges and courses, the counselor also assists the candidate in choosing the appropriate time to join that course as well as any scholarships offered by that school/ college or university.   

2.   Admission Guidance

A consultant frames a list of universities and courses depending upon the candidate’s requirements. The candidate can pick one from that and apply to that college. The consultant has full details regarding the fee structure, any scholarship programs, residence in the foreign land, etc.

3.   Completely  Safe  Procedure

When anyone applies through professional consultancies, he can be sure of his safety in the foreign land. The consultants have fair contacts all over the world and this helps students in making a smooth transition into a foreign land. Everything starting from the admission process to study visa approval is taken care of by the consultancies itself. On the contrary, it has been seen that if a student applies on his own, the chances of getting rejected are quite high.   

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4.   Financial Estimation

The consultants help the candidate from scratch i.e. preparing documents for visa approval and admission process. The consultants have a fair idea on how much money will be spent in completing all the tasks such as staying, studying, commuting, etc.

5.   Visa Assistance

The main hurdle faced by a candidate who aims to study abroad is getting the visa approved.  When the candidate applies through consultants, they are assisted in preparing the right documents while keeping in mind every single detail.  This significantly reduces the chances of visa rejection. The career professionals have complete knowledge about the same.

6.   Accommodation Guidance

Taking advice from a good career expert is very essential and helpful while finding accommodation in abroad as well. These experts have good and reliable contacts with universities as well as past students and seniors from the same country as well. These experts share the contact details of alums of the college so that the candidate can clear all his queries.

7.       Job Prospects

Everyone who aims to study abroad dreams of having a perfect life with an amazing job offer.  An ideal consultant or career coach assists the candidate in not only completing the pre-course formalities but also later on when he is on a job hunt. The consultant helps the students know about the part-time job opportunities as well so that the candidates can earn for their expenses or pocket money.

8.   They’re Trained and Experienced

Good counselors have a perfect qualification, certification, and experience relevant to the area of their expertise. They have years of experience working in the same fields and know every trick that can help streamline the application of a candidate and get him into his dream college. They have good knowledge, understanding, and information regarding all the major study destinations.   

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