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Things to Bring to Your Job Interview

It is only by making sufficient preparations for your job interview, you can expect to crack it and land yourself a dream job. Besides conducting a research about the company and choosing the perfect interview outfit; you need to be ready for everything that you need to bring to your job interview.

The decision regarding what to carry with you to an interview and what not to carry doesn’t come easy. In order to make it convenient for you, we have compiled a list of things that you must bring to your job interview:

Things to Bring to Your Job Interview

1. Appointment Letter

It’s always a good practice to bring your appointment letter or the print out of the email that confirms your appointment.

2. ID Proof

You might be required to present your identification proof to gain entry to the company in case there are strict security procedures in place.  You must, therefore, carry your passport, driving license or ID card in order to be safe.

3. Names of Contacts

You must make a note of the name of an individual whom you’re supposed to contact once you arrive at the company. This is important as it’s easy to forget names and it can lead to a quite embarrassing situation.

4. CV

You must carry a few copies of your CV to hand it over to a hiring manager or to a panel of members set up to interview you. Although you always send your CV while submitting your application, it is crucial to carry copies of your CV as it is possible for your hiring manager to forget taking out the print out your CV. People interviewing you will need your CV to refer to during an interview and thus, it is crucial to avoid situation getting tensed.

4. Portfolio

Depending on the job role you’re applying for, you may be expected to present samples of your work. In case your work is not print-friendly, you may consider bringing tablet or laptop to showcase your work. Remember, an online portfolio is must if you’re seeking a job in the creative industry.

5. A List of Questions

You must come ready with a list of relevant and thought-provoking questions that you might have regarding the company or job role that you’re being offered. By asking such questions, you confirm your interest and seriousness in the available job role.

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6. Folder

It is important to store all the documents along with your CV in a professional looking folder to keep them safe and in an organized manner. This simple act will demonstrate your organizational skills in an effective manner.

7. References

Your interviewer might ask you for a list of references depending on how you perform during an interview. It always acts in your favor if you’ve your list of references ready to be made available on the spot rather than telling your interviewer that you’ll e-mail it later. It, therefore, helps you to plan ahead of time and ask your professional contacts to act as a referee for you.

8. Business Cards

Even though you provide your contact details in your CV, you tend to enhance your impression by handing your business card to the interviewers as they are going to find them handy. Also, you never know someone might just ask for one and the least you would want to say is ‘No’.

9. Things That You Were Asked to Bring

It’s quite a possibility that a hiring manager asks you to bring specific things like your original degree certificates. In a given scenario, you must not forget to deliver what you’ve been asked to in order to avoid making a negative impression.

Finally, you must remember to bring a notepad and a pen to avoid asking for them as you may, otherwise, give an impression of being disorganized.

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