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Things to Know About Majors at the UK and European Universities

As an international student planning to study abroad, what you must know is that system of education is hardly similar in different study destinations. To model, you’re required to declare your major at the time of admission when you make an application to the UK or European university. This, however, is not the case when you enroll yourself in the U.S. university. Thus, there is a lot to learn and question before you make your study application in any of the universities so that you thoroughly understand how the degree programs work in different study destinations.

In case you’re considering Europe or UK as your future study destination, given below are certain important things that you must know about majors at the UK and European universities:

1. Right Time to Select a Major

The policies and procedures vary greatly across different universities. A majority of institutions in the UK require you to choose your major right when you make your application. However, there are universities in Scotland that are flexible enough to give you an option of selecting your major while you’re in the first or second year of study. Likewise, there are institutions in France that allow you to select your major later.

In order to know about the right time to select a major, you may contact international students’ office or attend information sessions during open days held by universities. In case you find it difficult to attend sessions in person, you may attend online webinars that are arranged specifically for international students.

2. The Need for a Minor

As a prospective international student, you have an option to choose a minor if you wish to gain an extra knowledge in a specific subject. It can be quite beneficial to choose a minor as it makes you more competitive in the job market.

A majority of institutions state that you don’t require a minor. Nevertheless, they allow you to choose a minor, thereby, giving you the flexibility to pursue your areas of interest or gain an in-depth understanding of the subjects that interest you. And if you choose minor, it gets noted on your diploma/ degree.

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3. The significance of Double Major

In case there are two subject areas that interest you equally and you wish to explore both of them, you may consider double majoring. When you double major, you graduate with a single degree but you get to explore two different areas of study.

There are several universities in Europe that offer programs known as ‘dual honors’ or ‘joint honors’ that are similar to double major or major/minor. These programs, therefore, give you an option to combine studies. They are indeed flexible in nature and make you more competitive.

Some Final Words

It is important that you gather complete information about majors at the UK and European universities and thoroughly understand the university system in your future study destination. In case there is any confusion or lack of clarity, you must not hesitate in contacting admissions/ international students departments at universities you’re considering for your future studies. You’ll always find people who are willing to help you make an informed decision.