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Things to Know About Tuition-Free Universities in Europe

There are a number of European universities charging little to nothing from international students, regardless of their nationality. This is indeed very exciting and comes as a huge relief to those who can’t afford high tuition fee. However, the students must know that their experience at free or low-cost universities is going to be different from regular universities.

As a student in German public university, Ed Michael felt his experience was no different from taking a day job. Although he learned to be more independent, he got a very little time to enjoy his college life.

For students who are looking at studying in tuition-free universities in Europe, it is critical to gain a clear understanding of what it is like to study in public European universities.

1. You Can’t Get Away Without Financial Proof

Even if you will not be paying tuition-fee to the public universities, it doesn’t mean that the university will admit you even if you have no money to support your living expenses. The prospective international students need to show that they have sufficient funds to obtain visas and manage their living expenses. Detailed information on the finances that will be required can be found on university or embassy websites.

2. Programs Taught in the English Language Are Not Common

The programs offered at the bachelor’s level are generally taught in the local language and not English. This means you will have to gain proficiency in the language in which your chosen program is taught in study destination.

You might have to enrol yourself in a language class before the commencement of your course or spend extra time learning the language while you’re in the university. This may even add a substantial amount of time for the completion of your program.

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3. Grading System

When you study in any of the tuition-free universities, you are expected to be self-motivated and curious to learn new things. Public universities tend to emphasize a little on attendance and performance in homework assignments as against private universities. Your overall grade is going to be determined on the basis of your performance in the final exam.

Final words:

As a prospective international student, you must consider researching about the international university offices that are located at universities to understand the facilities that they offer and the system of education that is followed by them. The quality of international office speaks a lot about the type of experience that you will be offered there.