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6 Things You Must Know Before Moving To Australia

Australia as a study destination has gained a lot of reputation and happens to be one of the top choices amongst students planning to study abroad. This country boasts of a world class education system with many universities that are ranked very high on a global platform.

Australia is a place to be in case you’re looking at study destination that is a great place to stay and work and offers research-driven education.

Even though this country offers mesmerizing experience to all its international students, there are some important points to learn before making a final move. You must practice all these things when you’re at your study destination to avoid any unpleasant experiences.

Things You Must Know Before Moving To Australia

1. Use the Word ‘ROOT’ Carefully

You might find this weird me asking you to carefully use the word ‘root’ in Australia. Generally, we understand the meaning of this term to be the source or cause of something. For Australians, it is, however, an offensive slang that means having sexual intercourse or is a dialect for the word “f**k”. You must, therefore, use it carefully to avoid any embarrassment.

2. Never Tip

If you go to dine out a restaurant or a café, refrain yourself from tipping the staff or workers there. As you might have well understood, tipping is not a part of a culture in the Australian service industry.

3. Drive Long Distances in a Group

Australia is a huge country and roads in this country can easily take you to isolated and deserted places. It is recommended that you drive long distances in someone’s company and make use of maps so as not to get lost.

4. Get Used to a Local Slang

It is not surprising to find Aussies sarcastic most of the times. However, you must not get upset with this as it is just that their sense of humor is different from yours. They like to mock and piss-off each other, but their intentions are harmless. It’s just getting used to a different culture and keeping up with their slang. And, it won’t take long to get used to their style and develop a bond of friendship with locals.

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5. Closing Time for Stores

Except for the holiday season, all stores in Australia get closed around 6 in the evening. There are very few shops that can be found open after 6 pm. So, you must never pull off your important shopping tasks.

6. Different Jargon

Even though the Aussies speak English, their accent and slang are completely different from other native English language speakers. It takes some time to get used to their local slang. Make use of online resources or read student blogs to learn more about the accent or slang followed at your study destination.

To model, by asking “How are you going?” they mean “How are you doing?”.

Final words: Adjustment at a new place never comes easy. However, small preparations that we make in advance like gathering information about the place makes a lot of difference. As a result, transition into new life gets a lot easier.

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