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Things Not to Do in Europe As a Study Abroad Student

Is Europe going to be your future study destination?

If you’re traveling to Europe for the first time, there is a high probability that you’re going to make some common mistakes that first-time travelers generally tend to make. These mistakes can, however, be avoided if you possess some knowledge and awareness regarding your future study destination.

To help you in your study abroad journey, given below is a list of some common don’ts to be followed for studying abroad in Europe:

Clothing: Sweatpants outside of the home and tank tops in churches are big NOs! Also remember, no sandals past August.

Local Customs: Never disrespect the local customs. Always make sure that you tip the proper amount and don’t forget to pay when using the bathroom, especially when there is basket lying out in the front.

Cash Backup: There are quite a many cash-only establishments still in operation in present-day Europe. So you must never go out without cash.

Things Not to Do in Europe As a Study Abroad Student


Things Not to Do:

  • You must not take it lightly that Spanish people love their afternoon sleep (siesta). You must, therefore, embrace the fact that everything including restaurants closes there in the mid-afternoon.
  • You must not assume that locals in Spain speak only Spanish. In fact, there are five national languages in this country. Expect to find a lot of diversity in this study destination.
  • Don’t misunderstand the schedule of Spanish people that you may find different from other western countries. Dinner gets served very late and bars/clubs don’t open until after midnight.


Things Not to Do:

  • Even if you’re not fluent in French, it is recommended that you don’t greet locals in English. ‘Bonjour’ always work fantastic when you’re starting off a conversation.
  • Never make the mistake of giving your friends an impression that your phone is more important to you than your friends. So, never leave the phone out when you’re meeting new friends.
  • People in France are generally experts at what they do as they like sticking to one job. It is best, therefore, not to make too many recommendations. Rather, you should have a receptive mind and an open approach towards learning new things.


Things Not to Do:

  • As a student in Iceland, you must never ignore the unpredictable weather in this study destination. You must always plan ahead and carry proper clothing even if it’s sunny outside.
  • There are very strict hygiene rules followed in Iceland. Don’t ever think of entering a pool without showering.
  • Expect your sarcasm to be interpreted as sincere answers and as your being rude. It’s best not to deviate yourself from honest answers and real humor in this study place.

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Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t assume things will be on time always. There will be times when you’ll have to be really patient.
  • Don’t accept help from anyone in Italy without tipping them off.
  • Never show any disrespect by entering the church when you’re not dressed appropriately. It’s better to always carry a scarf so that you’re not forbidden to enter any place.


Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t make any shopping plans for a Sunday or a holiday. Everyone in Austria respects Sunday as the day of rest and holidays as the time to be home with family. You must, therefore, not even think about trying to buy anything on Sundays.
  • Even if Austria and Germany happen to be neighbors, this doesn’t mean they are same. Don’t expect the cultures or lifestyles to be similar in these two countries.


Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t make the mistake of getting late especially when there are any plans with locals. You’ll find Germans as most punctual people in the world and they tend to have similar expectations from the visitors. In case you’re using a public transportation, expect the buses and trains to leave exactly according to the timetable.
  • Don’t waste too much time taking long showers. Germans like them to be a quick part of your daily routine.
  • Refrain from wearing house shoes, which for Germans are mostly clogs, outside.