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Significant Things Parents Must Know About a Gap Year

12 years of schooling in India is quite a tedious task and often leaves students mentally exhausted.

The minds of students are saturated to such an extent that they are either unable to yield 100% output or are indecisive about their career decisions.

Mostly, the choices made by them are either irrational or forced upon by peers or family.

Even though parents understand the importance of career decisions that are made at this time, yet they tend to be erroneous. It doesn’t help even if they know their kids are itching for a change.

This can, however, be avoided if openly accept the concept of gap years in our lives.

It is slowly gaining a momentum but has yet to touch the minds of large segments of our society.

Ask a parent about his views on a gap year and he will tell you:

“Only less intelligent or incompetent students need to take a break from their studies. Our child doesn’t need a gap year. We don’t want our child to sit idle and waste a crucial year of his life. We just can’t wait to see him settled in his life.”

This is just one of the many negative comments that are made when you talk about the whole idea of rejuvenating minds by taking a break from what you’ve been doing since last 12 years and as a result, stop enjoying it all.

Sigh! It deeply saddens me that our minds are still rotten by age-old philosophies and concepts of life.

There are various things parents need to know about gap years and why they are important for a child’s career growth.

Firstly, what is a gap year?

A break from routine studies or work life. It can be taken at any phase of your life: after high school or college, anytime during your career or even after your retirement. Also, it isn’t necessarily a year off. It may last from one month to over a year.

Gappers can spend their time off by interning, volunteering, exploring new things, or even working.

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Significant Points About a Gap Year

  • A gap year must not be misunderstood as a long vacation.
  • You can easily find a lot of statistics and findings favoring the concept of Gap years.
  • A gap year is about giving your child a chance to explore his personal as well as professional interests. Even, it is about giving him time so that he is in a position to take a well-informed career decision and has no regrets in his life.
  • There are a number of options for gap year programs that enhance the learning of students, help them grow personally, and give them time off from a regular course of things.
  • Many companies offer structured gap year programs that help students with education, logistics, information, and contacts.
  • Gap year programs can also be customized depending on the goals and interests of students.
  • Don’t worry that your ward might not want to come back to school/ college. The research indicates that around 90% of gappers return to their institutions in a span of less than 1 year  (Source: AGA).

Final Words: As parents, we need to support our children in case they are considering a gap year. We must not discourage them and impose our thinking on them. Instead, we should take consider asking them what they are planning to do during their time off. This decision will have a positive impact on their career and life as a whole.

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