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Study Abroad: Tips for Nailing Admission Essays

Getting into the college/ university of your choice is not easy. You don’t only have to get excellent grades but also write outstanding admission essays.

If you really want your admission essay to stand out from rest of the applicants, it has to be carefully drafted and very well thought upon. Given below are several tricks that can help you nail your admission essays:

1. Prompt in Admission Essays

You must spend a lot of time thinking on the prompt of your essay and what admission council would be expecting out of your essay? What is it that they would be interested in knowing? Are they looking for a story or some useful insights about you or your academic history? You must try to relate the information that you’re providing to how it will help you in excelling at college.

2. Organize Your Thoughts

Before you sit down to write your final essay, it is crucial that you have all your thoughts organized. This can be done by writing everything that comes to your mind on a piece of paper until there is nothing left in your brain. Thereafter, you need to start organizing your thoughts by writing a rough draft of your essay. Along with this, you can start including facts, anecdotes, and proof elements to make your essay strong and convince the admission council that you’re going to be an excellent student.

3. Strong Vocabulary

You need to reflect strong vocabulary in your essay but you must, however, refrain from overdoing it. Whatever you write should be easy to comprehend and understand with a little addition of strong vocabulary.

4. Talk About Things That Are Relevant

It is not going to help you to exceed the length by using too many words. This is significant especially when the same thing can be explained using fewer words. By choosing your words carefully, you’ll be able to engage your reader in a much better way. In order to retain the attention of your admission officers, it is crucial that you talk about only those things that are relevant and necessary. At the same time, you need to be careful in not chopping off what is necessary to be mentioned.

5. Showcase Your Strengths

You need to demonstrate your skills along with your strengths. That is, you need to showcase what makes you an ideal candidate for admission to the college/ university you’re applying to. Only talking about yourself is not going to help you. In fact, talking is least effective when it comes to admissions. You need to prove what you say in your essay. It could be done effectively by carefully selecting your anecdotes. Remember, the admission officers are always interested in knowing your perspective on things that happened, rather than the description of events that took place.

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While keeping the things simple so that they can be easily understood by admission officers, you need to structure compound or complex sentences to leave a positive impression on the admission council.

6. Seek Suggestions

It’s always a good idea to get your essay proofread from someone else and by asking for opinions. Not only it will help in the rectification of grammatical or spelling mistakes, but also in understanding if the flow of essay is convincing enough. Or, if there are significant points missing in your essay.

After you are through with steps given above, you should be ready with a near-perfect essay that will make it possible for you to get into your dream institution.

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